Book Review: The Last Days of Summer by Sophie Pembroke.

Release Date: 9th June 2016.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK
Twitter: @Sophie_Pembroke

I'm always amazed at how writers write. I know this may sound odd but it's the truth. Every time I pick up a book, especially one that sucks you in and takes you on a wonderful journey, I just can't help but feel amazed by the writers talent and imagination. This was definitely the case with "The Last Days of Summer" by Sophie Pembroke.

This book is about Saskia Ryan, who after two years away from her home at Rosewood, is returning for her Grandparents golden wedding party. She is invited by her Grandfather, famous writer Nathaniel Drury, who is her favourite person in the world and the one person who knows her better than anyone. He doesn't seem to think that Saskia going back home will be a problem but upon her return Saskia is pretty certain that it is for the rest of her family, specifically her sister Ellie. Can Saskia makes amends with the people she hurt in the past and can she reclaim Rosewood as her home? She has a lot of work to do, especially when a family tragedy strikes and Saskia begins to realize she isn't the only one in her family with secrets.

"The Last Days of Summer" is one of those books where you actually dive into the pages. You know when you are emotionally invested, so much so, that when you aren't reading it, there's a part of you that's still there and when you are reading, you can't hear or see anything or anyone around you because you're in your book world? I warmed to Saskia quite quickly, even though I knew she had made mistakes in her past, it just made me want to know more about her and what led her to do what she did. I loved that she was a lover of stories and fiction because of her Grandad and that her approach to life was largely due to him and the way he told her these stories; always making her wonder which parts were true and which were just made up. Sophie Pembroke's concept that there is always truth in fiction was incredibly interesting to me. It made Nathaniel Drury a very unique character to say the least and definitely kept me thinking and turning the page. I also loved the character of Edward, I felt he was a breath of fresh air in a house full of untold truths and tension. His honest, matter of fact nature made me smile and I liked that he had grown attached to the family at Rosewood. 

Rosewood itself sounded like such a wonderful and intriguing place, from it's history, to its parties, to the ghosts in the rose garden, it was a beautiful setting for this story.

If you love Romance, mystery and storytelling, you will love "The Last Days of Summer."

Happy Reading!


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