Book Review: From Wallflower to Countess by Janice Preston.

Release Date: 1st April 2015.
Publisher: Harlequin Historical.
Twitter: @JaniceGPreston

When Janice Preston ever so kindly sent me some of her previous books, that I had yet to read, I was over the moon. I couldn't wait to get to them on my TBR pile, because I had so thoroughly enjoyed the books of hers I had already read. So when it finally came time for me to pick up 'From Wallflower to Countess' I snuggled up in my bed, got nice and cozy and proceeded to read and read until way past my bedtime!!

Felicity Weston doesn't believe in love, or more accurately, she won't allow herself to believe in love. After a family tragedy and witnessing daily the way her Mother behaves towards her new step father, Felicity is determined to keep her heart safe and protected. Which is why, rather than find herself a husband, she has asked her Mother to find her a sensible, normal man to wed. 

Richard, Earl of Stanton knows he should find a wife to give him an heir soon. His relationship with his Mother is strained enough as it is and he knows she will only be happy when he provides an heir for the family. He doesn't need a marriage based on love, a marriage of convenience will suit him perfectly. 

When Felicity is introduced to her future husband, she knows only one thing and that is that she can't marry him! She asked for a normal man, not the towns most eligible bachelor. There is no possible way she can go through with it and not have her heart broken into pieces. Richard can sense the hesitation in his future wife, which only intrigues him more. Why does she seem so reluctant to marry him? Whatever the reason, it makes him more determined to go through with what has already been planned. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I stayed up way past my bedtime most nights to read this story. I remember Felicity and Richard from when I read 'Saved by Scandals Heir' which only made me more excited to read their own story. I've said it before but I absolutely love revisiting characters I already know. It's like meeting old friends and makes me all warm and happy inside. I found Felicity to be a very endearing character, she was kind and had a very sensitive side to her, as well as, being bold and not afraid to speak her mind. Richard was a strapping hero, he was flirtatious, interesting and human, in his mistakes and desires. The interactions between the two of them were passionate and raw and I was waiting for them to both realize what they had in front of them, rather than being so scared of the past and letting their families mistakes affect their future together. 

From Wallflower to Countess is a beautiful, romantic, "just one more chapter," page turner. I loved every minute spent with Felicity and Richard and cannot wait to read the next book I have from Janice Preston!

Happy Reading!


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