Book Review: Ella's Ice Cream Summer by Sue Watson.

Release Date: 11th May 2017
Publisher: Bookouture
Twitter: @bookouture @suewatsonwriter

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin?? This book had everything for me. I mean at first glance, why wouldn't I want to read a book about an Ice Cream summer, with such a gorgeous front cover? But then upon reading the first few pages and finding out the characters had links to Sorrento, Italy, I was literally in heaven, smiling from ear to ear. It couldn't have been more perfect!
Ella is a single Mum, she lives with her two kids and elderly Mother, all of whom spend most of their time with their heads down, reading the latest gossip on Facebook or snapping pictures to post on their Instagram accounts. Yes, that goes for her Mother too. Ella longs for her own adventures to post about on Facebook, so when she loses her job and her ex husband sends her yet more "great" news about their house, she decides she doesn't have much choice but to take action and take advantage of what life has handed her. Which in her case is a rundown, old ice cream truck in Appledore, left to her from her Aunt Sophia. Ella has wonderful memories of summer's spent on the beach playing with her cousin Gina, while watching and helping her Aunt make the most scrumptious ice cream in the world. Maybe this is just what she needs. Her kids are grown up, her ex-husband's being well, a dick and the thought of a new adventure, while scary, is also thrilling. Can Ella take the risk? Can she restore her Aunts famous ice cream van and in doing so, do something for herself? Can she also discover the secrets that her Mum is so obviously hiding about her past? One thing is for certain, it's going to be a Summer Ella won't soon forget!

I utterly adored this book. From the descriptions of the ice cream flavours to the characters, to the gripping story-line, I simply could not put it down. But to make it even more special to me, Sue Watson described Sorrento - with the Lemons as big as your head, so beautifully that it made my heart deliriously happy. Having relatives from The Amalfi Coast, I can indeed confirm that the Lemons are as big as your head, it was something that fascinated me when I visited as a child and to this day lemons are one of my favourite things.

As well as the lovely descriptions of ice cream and Italy, Sue also wrote the connections Ella felt with her family's heritage so well. The way Ella was inspired by her Aunt's Italian decor, the way she eventually understood that her Aunt taught her that cooking and baking all came from the heart and that recipes weren't needed. It all spoke to me on such an enormous level, that I literally felt like Sue had been inside my head or had secretly been watching me with my Nanna and Grandad somehow. That probably sounds crazy but that's how close to home this story and the emotions were for me.

The characters themselves were brilliant, warm, funny, endearing and so easy to love. The story was captivating, inspiring and easy to get lost in. And the Ice Cream, well let me tell you, if you're not craving lots of it after you read this, then you have more will power than me! So far today I have eaten mint chocolate ice cream and a pot of lemon sorbet and I'm still craving all the mouth watering flavours that Ella creates in this story. Limoncello and Amaretto being two that I would happily queue up outside Ella's ice cream truck for any day of the week, come rain or shine.

The next book in this sweet series is out at the end of June and I cannot wait. I am hoping for more sugary goodness, delectable treats and also to see the return of a rather gorgeous diving solicitor!!! :) Told you it has everything!! :)

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