A trip to Coconut Lane.

How cute are these sunglasses? A year and a half ago we remember getting an email from the lovely ladies at Coconut Lane, inviting us to join their Coconut Queens Team. We couldn't resist their small selection of funky socks and phone cases and were inspired by these two gorgeous women setting out on making their dreams come true.

Since then the Coconut Lane website has grown. We are forever making wish lists and oohing and ahhing over their pretty chokers, adorable notebooks and vibrant prints. When they launched their new Wanderlust collection sunglasses we new it was time to make a purchase. We finally feel like little blogger fashionista's when we are out and about rocking our Coconut Lane sunnies.

We think it is amazing what Charlotte and Jess have done, growing their brand and turning it into something so special. Their products scream Girl Power and their attitude across social media encourages Girl Bosses to support each other and stand tall. We know we feel super empowered and confident wearing our sunglasses out and about. It's really quite something for two girls who always need a bit of a confident boost when it comes to style. So thank you for that Coconut Lane. :)

Lucy: My sunglasses are the Rio sunglasses in rose gold and I LOVE them! Every time I wear them I get compliments on them. They are bold but with a certain elegance about them, as the rose gold reflects and just looks so pretty. In addition, the rosy pink tones really pop in the sunlight.

Kelly: My sunglasses are the Cannes Sunglasses in Rose Gold. What can I say, Lucy and I are quite the Rose Gold fans. I simply love that I feel more fashionable when I'm wearing these. It's funny what a pair of the right sunglasses can do. I also love that they make me actually wear sunglasses because I've noticed lately that my eyes are getting quite sensitive to all this Florida sun.

Lucy: I also picked up this gorgeous Wanderlust print because I am obsessed with the palm print trend right now. In addition to the fact that I definitely have that travel itch, whether it's to get out and explore Florida more or my desire to get to Italy this year and my goal of one day visiting San Francisco.

We love being part of the Coconut Queens team and love that we get to provide you with a special code to get yourself 20% off. Just use 'blossomtwins20' at checkout and get 20% off your order. From sassy notebooks and jumpers, beautiful earrings and bracelets and statement sunglasses, there's tons of cute stuff to choose from. :) Be sure to take a picture of your purchase too, we'd love to see what you get!



  1. These are absolutely stunning glasses, I am loving the oversized, mirrored sunglasses that are starting to pop up here and there, they always add that little something extra to an outfit. You've both picked a gorgeous pair.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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    1. Thank you for reading!! We agree, we love that style too and thought it was about time we get some stylish ones!! :)