Spring clean your mind!

6 things to do this Spring to help you feel more motivated, positive and rejuvenated.

1. Spring Clean.

We'll start with the first thing that comes to mind. If you're anything like us, a messy house equals a messy brain. We feel agitated and can't concentrate when things need to be done around the house. So putting a day aside to dust, hoover and clean, is so important to us. The same can be said for having clothes or things lying around that we don't wear or use anymore. We always take a big sigh of relief when we've gotten a bunch of stuff together and taken it to goodwill. Doing this also makes us happy, as we hope our items find good homes and can make someone else smile.

2. Listen.

Spring is a time for new beginnings cue a bit of High school musical; 'It's the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with you...' ahem OK we're back. The world is so fast paced and nowadays, if we can be so bold to say, most of us spend quite a lot of our time staring at our screens trying to keep up with the world around us. Take the time to stop and listen. Pay attention and focus on who's in front of you, what they are saying, what they are asking and really listen. Listen to the birds as you're walking, listen to your friends, your family, your partner. Take in what they are saying, don't be in a rush to speak or move on to the next thing. There may be times when you feel frustrated, lost, or troubled and it might just take really listening to that someone who is giving you an answer, a solution, a kind word, to make it go away. Don't dismiss them, don't play on your phone, listen.

3. Buy yourself some flowers.

We adore Daffodils. When we lived in England, seeing them pop up on our way to work always put an extra pep in our steps in the morning. To us they mean Easter is just around the corner, which means all the pastel colours and chocolate we can eat! Having some in the house is just an extra little reminder to smile and think positive for the day ahead, plus they look so pretty!

4. Get some fresh air everyday.

Springtime means lighter nights and hopefully a lot more sunshine. It's basically a beautiful time to be outdoors. Even if it's just a walk around your neighbourhood or to the top of your street, breathing in some fresh air can really clear your mind and do you some good. This is especially important if you work from home. If we're having a day when we are doing a lot of work inside, we need to get out even if it's just to walk to the mailbox and loop around our apartment to get some sunlight.

5. Start your days with some positive music, your favourite podcast or by watching short clips from your favourite movie.

Our husbands are always doing one of the above and it's something we never thought about. We always just get up and get on with getting ready. However, recently waking up and putting on songs that make us happy really gives us an energy boost and lifts our spirits. Why wait till you come home from work to relax and unwind? Start your day as you mean to go on. Plus it means you also start your day with a little exercise, you don't need too much of a clue to know what we are listening to! 'I'm walking on sunshine woah oh.' ;p

6. Say yes.

We understand that it can be so hard to beat anxiety, step out of your comfort zone and even just believe in yourself for two minutes. It's something we have to work on everyday and some days are better than others. Recently saying yes to things has really started to gently push us in the right direction of overcoming our lack of confidence. Being so bold as to just stand up and say yes and forcing yourself to not, even for one second, let the overthinking start or the reasons why something can not be done seep in, can make a huge difference. Say yes and move on, busy yourself with something else until whatever you just said yes to is next on the list. Then when it's time for that new activity, go at it with everything you have. You know you are more than capable, it's the building it up negatively in your that stops you. Don't allow time to get worked up over something. Breathe.

Have a great day.


  1. Flowers, fresh air, and a good room tidy (with open blinds!) are what I've been gradually doing to help clear my mind on more of those cloudy, dusty, spring days. Weekly or biweekly meditation really helps as well, as it gets you focused on the present instead of worrying. Good post x

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// Lifestyle & Beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Thank you for reading! My (Kelly) husband keeps telling me to practice meditation, I know I should because he said it really helps. :) Sun shining through open blinds or curtains is the best!


  2. I really love this post ladies :) I love autumn (my fave season) but I really like spring too. Everything is new and fresh! So, yes to new flowers, new opportunities, visit new pleace! Happy Sunday xx


    1. Thank you Aisha! :) We love autumn too, it's so much fun getting to do different things each season! It makes life exciting! :) Buon Domenica! ;) xx

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