My Wrestlemania Moment.

I have been a fan of wrestling since I was 12 years old. I have watched Wrestlemania every year since I became a fan and, of course, I've gone back and watched the ones before that, to see the legends that made it the show it is today. They call it the grand daddy of them all, a spectacle, a showcase, and ladies and gentlemen, after finally getting to witness one live and in person, I can confirm, it is all of those things and much much more.

My husband Chris' Mum, Meme and Sister Ashley go to Wrestlemania every year. They do the whole shebang; Hall of Fame, NXT, Raw, Smackdown and Fan Axcess, and they love it. Since Chris was in town to referee on What Culture Wrestling on the Saturday, we stayed with his family Saturday night, in a pretty awesome hotel - WWE know how to do it right with their WrestleMania package deals. So, Sunday morning we had a cute and delicious breakfast, took a stroll around the pool and then headed to the Citrus Bowl. 

Women's wrestling has come a long way since I was 12. To see these girls now is incredibly inspiring, they just kick so much ass. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bayley is legitimately my spirit animal. 

Walking into the arena to see the set was so serial. I couldn't believe I was actually at Wrestlemania! This truly is the holy grail for wrestling fans and to be there was quite emotional. The difference to seeing it on TV to live is incomparable. It took me back to being a kid again, when Mum and Dad surprised us at the very last second - like actually at the ticket inspection - in 2001, for WWE Rebellion at the Manchester Arena.

The coolest thing about Wrestling nowadays is how many people are getting amazing opportunities on the big stage. No matter how many great promotions there are around the world, no one quite compares to WWE. Just look at it! Seeing people like AJ Styles, who is - I'm just going to say it, Phenomenal - on the grandest stage of them all made me so happy. 

Need I say it again?? I love her!! There are no words. Bayley represents everything, to me, in wrestling. Her style, her look, her ability, her confidence, her just about everything makes me smile! I actually got to see her live at NXT two years ago, but of course it was totally different at Wrestlemania, with so many more fans AND her inflatable huggers - Hug Life 4eva!!! It being her first WrestleMania too, was extra awesome.

Getting to say Enzo and Cass's famous entrance speech with 75, 000 members of the WWE Universe -  You can't teach that, How you doin??? 

Now dear readers, if you ever wondered what made myself and Lucy get into wrestling, I've got three words for you... The Hardy Boyz. We were obsessed. Our wardrobe consisted of nothing but Hardyz shirts, our school planners and every notebook in the house had their symbol on it somewhere and in a lot of our teenage photos we are doing The Hardyz pose - the pictures are quite something let me tell ya.

But never in my 18 years of being a wrestling fan had I ever seen them - THE Tag Team that got us into wrestling - live as an actual Tag Team. We saw Matt Hardy live as kids, and later when we were with TNA, we got to watch Jeff live, but we never saw them together. So when I tell you, that at my very first Wrestlemania, I got to see THE HARDY BOYZ make their return to WWE, as surprise additions to none other than a ladder match, it can't be too hard to imagine my reaction right? If you can't imagine it, you can watch it here! If I'm honest, I'm still in utter disbelief that I witnessed it. It's beyond my wildest dreams, I seriously could have cried. Hearing their music, the music that was the theme song to our teenage years, well, there are no words. It's pretty much just screams! Their entrance was my Wrestlemania moment without a shadow of a doubt.

The whole entire show, and it was a long one - 7 hours if you count the pre show - was awe-inspiring. The set up was incredible, the atmosphere was contagious and the larger than life superstars were fantastic. It was everything Wrestlemania claims to be and I am so thankful that I got to go and experience it. 

Now and for years to come, when people talk about that time The Hardy Boyz returned to the WWE, I can say those famous three Wrestlemania words; I WAS THERE!!!! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That is SO AMAZING that the Hardyz got you into it and you got to see them live!! I was the same way. My best friend at the time was IN LOVE with Jeff and would bring tapes of their matches over every day after school. I fell in love with Edge and Christian but always had a soft spot for the Hardyz!

    There truly is nothing like Wrestlemania weekend! I went to the one in Toronto but it was just such a blur I don't remember much from it outside of The Rock/Hogan match lol But the atmosphere is like nothing else. It's such a blast! I'm so happy you were able to experience it!! 💖

    Katie |

    1. Haha that's so cool! We have so many tapes of them it's untrue. Nothing was ever labeled with the date or ppv name it was just what the hardyz did on the show! :p

      Wow, what an amazing show to be apart of! My husband kept thinking that The Rock was going to be there - I don't know what I'd have done had that of happened. The entrances just give you goosebumps and I bet his is insane!!

      Thank you and Thank you for reading! :)