Live in the now.

We hear this saying a lot, 'Live in the moment, live in the now.' I feel like as I've gotten older it has really hit me more and I have started to understand it a little better. I'm very much one for to do lists, thinking ahead, making plans and having somewhat of an ideal image in my head of how I wish things to go, how I'd like scenarios to play out. Of course, at twenty- nine years of age, I'm aware that things don't always go to plan or play out exactly how we imagined. However, it doesn't tend to stop me from dreaming or planning till my heart is content.

Another saying I feel we see and hear a lot is 'no excuses', be it through fitness posts, motivational speeches, chatting with friends and throughout social media. It's forced into our brains as a way of teaching us to get off our butts and make stuff happen. But who gets to decide on what is an excuse and what isn't? I'll get to my theory in just a moment.

Here are some words I find myself saying on a daily basis, 'need to', 'I should', 'I've got to', and 'I could have'. They are often accompanied with feelings of guilt and anger towards myself at what I need to be doing, should have been doing or could have done.

Over the past few weeks it has come to my attention that these words and phrases connect with and effect each other. Here's how:

Two weeks ago, I had an entire week away from the gym, yep, I didn't go to the gym for an entire week, the longest I have been away from it in a year and a half. And you know what words I had spinning around my brain? You guessed it, 'no excuses.' I kept thinking about how I could have got there. How I was a bad person for not fitting it in. How I was surely making excuses for not going. As it happened, we had had a death in the family and family was way more important. My husband acted incredibly strong and leaped into action being there for his family whatever they needed and I followed suit. So, instead of the week starting with my usual blogging/gym/work routine, I found myself spending time with my family, being supportive, helping out, just simply being there for them in anyway I could. Would those fitness posts consider that an excuse? Was I not working hard enough to be able to stick to my routine and do it all?

After three days of family time, and while driving home, I said to my husband, 'It feels like weekend' and 'I don't want to leave.' Though we make time for our family, it occurred to me that it's usually a weekend affair. Albeit the extremely sad circumstance of getting together, I enjoyed every minute being around my familia. I realized that the gym didn't matter. Social media wasn't important and writing could be put on hold. There were no to do lists, no should be doing, no need to be doing, no thinking about being somewhere else. Due to the heartbreaking events, we were forced to pause, stop the hustle and take a second to appreciate what's in front of us, what we have right now, rather than what we are building for.

I'm not saying don't chase that dream or stop writing that to do list. I'm not encouraging you to give up the gym or quit your job. What I am saying is, you yourself know when you can turn the TV off and go work on a book. You yourself know if you should put down your phone and get to work on that essay. You yourself will go to the gym and bust out a workout when you get that itch. But don't let others dictate what excuses are. Don't let your brain battle between should have or could have, the moment you think it, do it, act. And please, live, breathe and enjoy each moment you are in. Embrace your families laughter, savor every bite of your breakfast, treasure every word as it hits the page, celebrate every bead of sweat that drips off your face as you work out. Be in the now, don't allow your brain to be somewhere else.

Make every moment count.


  1. I love this post Lucy! Sorry to hear of the relative's passing - hope you're all doing okay.
    I find it's nice to sometimes switch off and be away from a usual routine and blogging/social media. It's like a fun day out without worrying about posting a status update or tweeting every 5 seconds! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Aww thank you Tania, you are sweet! Everyone is doing well, thank you!
      Aww, yes I definitely think that is good for us sometimes, realizing it's ok to change routine and not always be thinking about social media and work stuff! Thank you so much for reading! xxxx

  2. Lucy this post is so so beautiful! As you know I've started my new job and sometimes is so hard to work on my blog and update my social media! I try to do my best because I really love my blog but sometimes I think "oh I NEED TO post something". But in these few past days I spent the day with my boyfriend with no pressure about social media or something else! Have a nice day xx

    1. Awww, yes Aisha, that's exactly it. Sometimes we are busy doing other stuff or just having fun and then we start to worry that we should have done something else or needed to tweet or something. Then we have to remind ourselves that it's perfectly fine enjoying time with your loved ones and not having to always share it with the world and that our blog will still be here tomorrow! :p We hope you're enjoying your new job. And we hope you have lots of fun spending time with your boyfriend! :) Have a lovely day and thank you for reading. xxx