I can be your Halo, Halo...Halo.

Spring always feels like a happy time for us. We've mentioned before how it feels like a fresh start, with pastel colours and bright flowers as far as the eye can see, it just brings with it positive vibes for new beginnings and adventure. As Spring made it's way into our worlds, we felt that extra boost of inspiration with all our projects, but especially in our need to get in the kitchen and experiment.

We have been having a blast in the kitchen over the past few weeks, be it whipping up Nanna and Grandad's recipes for dinner, having a go at making traditional family recipes or putting both healthy and not so healthy snacks together, it's definitely been a foodie few months. And, we're not going to lie, it's most certainly been a sweet tooth kind of month. Yes, we have indeed been craving all the sweets. We were rather excited when this little treat came about. 

If you remember a while back we did a post about Halo Top ice cream, and also a YouTube video, after they kindly got in touch with us about trying some of their flavors. Well, we absolutely LOVED it and have been buying it ever since. We were super excited when they got in touch with us again recently and gave us another coupon. We thought we'd try a new flavor, as well as pick up an old favourite to bring you this post. We had a little fun with it and since coming across Chef Inspired popcorn a few months ago, we couldn't resist testing out the pairing of ice cream and popcorn.

We mixed our favourite Halo top lemon cake ice cream with salted caramel, birthday cake, caramel apple and pina colada flavoured popcorn. Really every flavor worked well, but we'd say the winning combination with the lemon cake was the birthday cake popcorn. The lemon cake ice cream is super refreshing and so creamy, the hint of sprinkles and sweetness from the birthday cake popcorn just made it extra tasty.

It was our first time trying the mint chip Halo Top and I think this might be Kelly's new favourite, it's AMAZING! Again, we had so much fun mixing up flavors, getting the smooth, velvety taste of the ice cream and nibbling the crunchy popcorn. Ice cream and popcorn honestly make a scrumptious pairing.

In addition, there are specific Halo Top flavors that are gluten free, like the lemon cake one above, and all the popcorn at Chef Inspired popcorn is gluten free too. So, if that is something you need when looking for a snack, we would highly recommend checking this combination out. Furthermore, with Halo Top being low calorie, low sugar and a good source of protein, it makes for a perfect healthier snack or dessert choice. We just love it and often find ourselves craving it, it's that good.

Have you tried Halo Top before? Which flavor is your favourite? The lemon cake is our number one, but Kelly's is closely followed by the Mint chip and mine by Birthday cake! :)

Have a happy day!

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