Five ways to learn Italian!

This year we have made it our mission to become fluent in Italian. We have grown up around the beautiful language and one of our most near and dear goals is to be able to have a full conversation with our Nanna and Grandad and our family in Italy, in Italian. In the past few months we have been making progress and the looks on our Nanna and Grandad's faces when we sing the odd song or ask and answer questions in Italian, is all the motivation we need, when we find ourselves getting frustrated and feeling like it's too hard. Of course, it's a tad tricky at first, but we shall not be deterred and will not give up.
Today we wanted to share some of the ways in which we have been studying, that we have found incredibly helpful. We hope you can pick up some ideas and inspiration if you too are beginning your journey of learning another language.



We have grown up listening to Italian songs with our Grandparents and would happily sing a long as Grandad explained the words to us. Recently we came across Italian rapper Fedez. No, we are not naturally gifted rappers by any means, but yes, you can bet we have been singing our hearts out. We now have three of his song choruses down pat and can't stop singing them to our husbands. We like to make notes of the lyrics, use our dictionaries and occasionally google translate, in order to work out what they mean. It makes for an awesome exercise. Plus, Fedez is seriously the cutest. We love watching his Instagram stories with his girlfriend Chiara Ferragni, they are both adorable.



We are obsessed with this App!!! We truly love it so much. We have been doing lessons now for eighty days straight, taking ten minutes out of our days to study and complete each unit. Though when we have more time, we are able to do as many units as we like. You can set goals, put in how long you want your lessons to be and it always goes back and encourages you to re-visit previous units. You write, you speak, you listen, you read, you match pairs and you have fun doing it. The cute little owl is motivating along the way too, he likes to compliment you for your good work. We highly recommend this app for anyone looking to learn a language. Did we mention it's free!? 

Social Media.


Similar to Fedez, above, we love following Federicola on Instagram. Not only is her fashion inspirational, but listening to her Instagram stories or reading her captions helps us to pick up words relating to clothes, beauty, coffee or travel, among other things of course. It's cool to be able to then take these words and store them for future use when chatting about clothes to our little sister or telling Nanna about our coffee breaks. Find social media content that can aid in your learning, it's just another fantastic way to make it fun.


 Visit Italy.

So this one we are very much working on. We haven't been back to Italy since we were fourteen years old and it is desperately calling our names. We are planning on doing some travelling this year and next and hope to spend a few weeks at a time there in order to surround ourselves in the language. We've heard that's the best way to learn.

Movies/TV shows.

And Giulio Berruti! ;)

We have found watching TV Shows has been super helpful in our studies. Through the actions and facial expressions of the wonderful actors, and the fact that we now have quite the dictionary of words stored in our brains, it's so much fun to try and decipher what's going on. The coolest thing we have learnt too, is that we watch the film or show once, then each time we go back and watch it again, we pick up more and more of the conversations. Our favourite show to watch at the moment is Matrimoni e altre follie. Our love for Giulio Berruti is going strong and we adore him in this show. From the bits we have managed to understand, his character is a naked chef with a YouTube channel and he is hilarious. We are dying to get this show on DVD so we can actually watch it from start to finish.

We hope you enjoyed today's post. If you have any tips on learning a language or have something that works best for you, let us know in the comments below! :)

Buona Giornata!


  1. Oh my goodness how adorable the reason behind doing this!! I bet it is an amazing feeling to see how happy your nana and grandad are to hear you talking in Italian!!
    I'm going to download this app for sure, I've always wanted to improve my skills in other languages it's just finding the time! Great post 😘😘❤️

    1. Aww, yes it truly is, we love them so much! :) Oh you will love it, it's such an awesome app and you can decide how long you study for, sometimes a lesson can take two minutes and you still feel like you've learned some words! :) xx

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