Book Review: The Turning Point by Freya North.

Release Date: 24th March 2016.
Publisher: Harper Collins.
Twitter: @Freya_North

How do you write a book review when you are lost for words after reading the book? Well, I guess we will find out soon enough… ahem…

Freya North is one of my favourite authors, I would say she is definitely in my top two! I am up to date with all her books so the last two years I have waited patiently (honest) for her next novel to be released. I was not disappointed with “The Way Back Home” and, once again, with her latest release “The Turning Point.” I was left highly satisfied, so much so that I had to stare at the wall for a few seconds after reading the last page, just to take it all in.

How do I even begin to explain how this book made me feel? How do I put into words just the sheer joy of the way Freya writes? Within reading the first few pages, I couldn’t help but smile as the talent of her writing shone through the pages and made me think “yep, that’s why she’s my favourite” The detail that goes into her novels is just incredible, her descriptions of the places they are set in, (this story taking place in both Norfolk and Pemberton, British Columbia) jump off the page and you feel like you become richer with the knowledge of places you have never been before.

This novel follows the lives of Frankie and Scott, but you don’t end up just knowing them, you end up knowing their whole family and you don’t just know them, you care about them. You want to know how Frankie’s children, Sam and Annabel, are and what they are up to, you want to know what movies Scott’s doing music for next or if Frankie is any closer to reaching her book deadline. Freya has a way of making you connect with every character you meet. This story stays with you and you feel like Scott and Frankie become a part of your life as you truly get a sense of who they are, how they live and what they mean to each other.

I’ve said this before but I feel I have to say it again, I don’t like giving you the whole story in my reviews, you can read what the book is about online and of course on the back or inside of the book. I don’t feel like I could do the book justice if I give you my brief version as we all most likely read things differently. All I can offer is my thoughts that this was such a refreshing book for me, it was a welcome change to what I have been reading lately and it was an absolutely wonderful welcome back Freya North to my bookshelf (In America I only have The Way Back Home and It was getting lonely)

So, if you are looking for a beautifully written, emotional ride that will take your breath away, please pick up a copy of 'The Turning Point' and add Freya North to your must read author list! Now, I will sit here and wait for next year! :p

Until next time, keep reading!

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