Book Review: Right Here Waiting for You by Rebecca Pugh.

Release Date: 31st May 2017.
Publisher: HQ Digital.
Twitter: @HQDigitalUK @RebeccaPAuthor.

I have been following Rebecca Pugh's career since her debut novel 'Return to Bluebell Hill,' and it continues to inspire me every day. All of her previous books that I have read are sweet and thoughtful, which make them the perfect reads for a cozy night in or a relax by the pool.

So when I started 'Right here waiting for you' I was taken aback slightly, because right from the get go it was very different to those other books. Not in a bad way by any means, rather it was very, very sexy, much more than her previous stories. Take everything you thought you knew about Rebecca Pugh's writing and flip it upside down and that is what I feel you have here. Her writing has progressed and matured and it made her fourth book a fascinating read that I was incredibly impressed with.

Magda, is no longer the confident person that she once was. She feels stuck in a marriage that ended long ago and often dreams of the past. She longs for the days of her youth when she was carefree, having fun and most importantly had her best friend Sophia by her side, always. But after a terrible mistake on her part, she knows she destroyed any chance of rebuilding the relationship they once cherished so much. Sophia loves being a Mum to her young daughter Ester. While her life didn't turn out exactly how she had planned, she's happy. She has Michael, her best friend, who's son goes to school with Ester, to keep her company and they are all she needs in her life. Her mind might wander to her school years every now and again, more specifically who she shared them with, but she's not sure she could ever forgive those that hurt her so badly. When Magda and Sophia get invited to their high school reunion. neither are sure whether they want to go. What happens if they bump into each other again after all these years? How will they feel? What will they do? Maybe it's time to put the past well and truly behind them and embrace what the future holds. Maybe true friendships can never be broken. They might just have to take that first step to find out. 

Like I said at the start of this review, this, to me, was a completely different vibe from Rebecca Pugh, but I loved it. I fell into the rhythm of the story and the characters lives so quickly that I actually found myself thinking about what Sophia and Magda were up to, when I wasn't reading it. It was easy to feel connected to both women, as well as the other characters in the book too. For example, Michael, Sophia's best friend, I found to be so lovely and sweet. I liked that he was protective over Sophia and that he was also a great Dad to his son Harry. Then there was Magda's Dad, Charlie, who my heart went out to. Oh my goodness, I just wanted to hug him. I was so happy when Magda helped him realize that he needed to live his life and enjoy himself again. It was incredibly heartwarming to read. 

Magda and Sophia themselves were both wonderful characters, each with their own unique traits that I was drawn to. I loved Sophia's motherly nature; the way she doted on her daughter and also looked out for Michael's' son too. She seemed genuinely sweet and kind but also had that vulnerability about her that came from her past. I wanted her to let go and be able to have the confidence to go after what she wanted, as well as, live a little and have fun. Magda on the other hand, I was a little more weary of. At first she comes across a bit bold and all over the place, which we obviously find out she is. She is no where close to living the life she imagined, so I did find myself feeling for her a lot and urging her to do what was right. I admired her in that she owned up to her mistakes and just needed a little helping hand to get her life back on track. I was glad when she started taking steps to do just that, it made me feel happy for her.

This book is a wonderful story about love from all angles. Whether it be between friends, father and daughter, mother and daughter or 'just friends'. There were lessons to be learnt and love to be shared. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am actually rather sad that it's ended. I was well and truly immersed in it from start to finish. 

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Happy Reading!

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