Book Review: On Writing by Stephen King.

Release Date: 6th July 2010
Publisher: Scribner.

Today's book recommendation is rather short but sweet. This book was recommended to be by the wonderful Rebecca Raisin and it is Stephen King's 'On Writing'. Eager to learn, progress and understand the writing process more I picked up a copy and delved in.
I have never read a Stephen King novel, purely based on the fact that they are simply not my favourite type of genre, though I have heard of many. I was pleasantly surprised when I got started with this book, as I thoroughly enjoyed the way in which Stephen King wrote and spoke to me.

 I couldn't put this book down, from the stories at the beginning about his life growing up, to the way in which he talks about writing and his preferences and processes, it was incredibly interesting to me and I just wanted to soak it all in. It felt like I was picking Stephen King's brain. I absolutely loved learning about how his stories came about, where his ideas came from and how he actually goes about writing them. It made me smile being able to tick the boxes and gave me a little confidence boost if I realized I was already doing some of what he said with my own writing, but also made me just want to write, write, write when I found out something new that I wanted to attempt when working on my own stories. It was definitely a book that I just wanted to give a big squeeze when I had finished and say Thank you Mr. King for your help and guidance and for making me even more excited about writing than I already was. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves writing, loves reading or who loves learning about others and their craft. It is extremely inspiring. :) Thank you so much to Rebecca Raisin for introducing me to this delightful read!

Pick up a copy of Stephen King's On Writing today.

Happy Reading!

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