Book Review: Hitting that Sweet Spot by Lara Ward Cosio.

Published: March 6th 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Twitter: @laracosio

Eeeeeeeek, where do I even begin? I feel so lucky that Lara Ward Cosio reached out to me, gosh I want to say, a year or so ago now, with 'Tangled up in you'. I fell in love with Sophie and Gavin's story and was so excited when the second book, 'Playing at Love' came along, to learn more about Connor and Felicity. Once more I was enamored with the characters and missed them the minute I finished reading. When Lara got in touch to tell me about 'Hitting That Sweet Spot', I couldn't wait to dive in and read about Shay and Jessica.

Who are all these amazing people? I hear you ask, Well, Gavin, Connor and Shay are all members of Irelands biggest rock band, Rogue, in addition to Martin, who I just found out will be having his own book soon. I honest to goodness squealed when I clicked on Lara's blog to read that Martin will have his own story too. My husband actually turned to me to ask what had made me so excited, I proceeded to simply squeal some more! :p Any who, yes, they are all in an awesome band, and Sophie, Felicity and Jessica are their significant others. You absolutely MUST go and read the first installments of this Rogue series...go on, go and do that now, then you can meet back up with me and join in with my review of 'Hitting That Sweet Spot.' I promise you, you won't be sorry. I'll be here waiting for you...

Ok, so, I'm a tad frazzled as to where to start. Do I give you the low down on what this book is about first or just gush about how much I adored it? Hmm, maybe the low down, so you know a bit about what I'm talking about. Can you tell I'm excited about this one? :p Shay is the drummer for Rogue. He is rather shy and likes to keep himself to himself. He had a rough childhood but doesn't like to tell people about it, he doesn't want their pity and he got through it, thanks to his big brother Danny Boy. Danny Boy was always there for him, he basically raised him. However, as the boys got older Danny Boy turned to drugs and Shay only got to see him sporadically. Luckily for Shay he had his best friend Gavin and his band Rogue to turn to. Over the years, as Rogue became one of the hottest bands in the world, Shay would watch his bandmates get into media dramas and celebrity scandals, but he was more than content to sit back and stay out of trouble, helping them if they needed it. In addition, whenever Danny Boy would come back into his life, he would support him, help him, be there for him and put his big brothers needs first. When he meets the love of his life, Jessica, dealing with Danny Boy's crazy antics and always keeping his mouth shut when it comes to certain bandmates, doesn't quite work out. It's Shay's turn to be the leading man, step out of his comfort zone and do something for himself for a change.

I don't feel I can fully express how fantastic this book (and series) is. Lara Ward Cosio is brilliant, bloody brilliant. One chapter in and I felt at home, like I was hanging out with my boys again. I hadn't realized just how much I missed them and then bang it just hit me within the first few pages. I've said it before, but I'm more than happy to say it again, the depth in which she writes these beautiful characters is captivating. You really feel their emotions and are absorbed into their world. Furthermore, I absolutely adore how she writes the most sexy, rugged men, who are all very much rock stars, yet they each have such sweetheart, gentlemen like qualities to them. I will be so bold as to say they are perfect, in an imperfectly perfect way, if that makes sense? Shay's story was incredibly endearing. He's not perfect, he makes mistakes and doesn't always say the right thing and know what to do, but that's what makes him so sweet and lovable and... perfect! I loved that we were able to learn more about him and how the connections he has with each band member came about. Their relationships with each other are beautiful. In addition, the relationship he has with his brother can be quite heart wrenching at times. I wanted to stick up for Shay so much and tell Danny Boy to go away, but I couldn't. The more we learn about their childhood the more you understand Shay's ways and why he is so loyal. However, I did like that Shay learns a little bit of balance at the end and takes a step back to allow himself to breath and live his own life.

As well as writing ridiculously dreamy men, I adore that the women Lara writes have such powerful purpose. They each have very sensitive, loving qualities while also being undeniably strong and independent. But I really love that she allows the tenderness to come through with them. Jessica has moments where she is incredibly vulnerable and soft and it allows us to really feel her and connect with her. I was with her in her moments of doubts about her dreams and not knowing what to do with herself. She became real in that I feel we can all relate to moments like these. When she had her moments of believing in herself and taking control, I felt empowered along with her and couldn't stop smiling. The relationship with her and Shay was such a beautiful one to read. It took them a few tries to understand each other, but as they got to the bottom of each layer and opened up with each other, you saw what they were fighting for and how their love was truly meant to be. Also, I loved how Jessica was skeptical at first when getting together with Shay, their banter was very cute and that just made me love them more. Shay could be super sexy but it made me giggle when he had to try and hold back. Jessica too could absolutely keep up with him, but it made me smile that she took her time. It was nice to see their relationship build and how at ease they became with each other while always learning something new.

If you loved 'Playing at Love' and 'Tangled up in you', you will be happy to know that we also get more of Gavin and Sophie and Connor and Felicity in this book too, and it is just perfection. How their lives have progressed are just *insert me cradling my kindle* :) You get life changing, magical moments, romantic holidays, relationship dilemma's and gigs you feel you were actually a part of. What more could you ask for?

Every element to this book (and the first two) is raw and real. It's romantic, it's heart breaking, it's hard, it's complicated, it's sexy as hell, it's beautiful, it's funny, it's life. You cry with the heart ache, you celebrate the joys, you feel inspired by the creativity and you come away wanting to give your absolute all to life, love and friendships, the way each and every character in the Rogue series does.

I strongly suggest you read this book! :)
Pick up 'Hitting That Sweet Spot' today!

Happy Reading!

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