Book Review: The Duke's Unexpected Bride by Lara Temple.

Release Date: 1st May 2017.
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Twitter: @laratemple 

I feel like my reviews for any Historical Romance book I read always start with the same declaration. That is; I really, really love Historical Romance! Maybe it's because I don't read it all the time, so each time I do it's like an extra special treat, like cake that you only have on special occasions, making it taste extra good. I hope you're following.
When Lara Temple got in touch with me to read her new book 'The Duke's Unexpected Bride, I couldn't say no. I was eager to read another regency romance and this one most definitely did not disappoint. With two extremely strong and passionate main characters, a page turning plot and a Buddha like Pug, there wasn't anything not to like.

Sophie Trevelyn is 24 years old and has been summoned to aid her Aunt in London. The rest of her brothers and sisters didn't last very long, so Sophie doesn't know what to expect. Once there she finds herself wanting to explore more of London and actually gives herself the challenge of being the person to get her Aunt's pug up and moving, as he's in dire need of some exercise. She hopes that in doing so, her Aunt will keep her around longer. Especially after she bumps, or rather Marmaduke the aforementioned pug, bumps into Max Harcourt. 

Max Harcourt, better known as the Duke of Harcourt, needs to find a wife and soon. He made a promise to his father that he would be married by 30 and he isn't one for breaking promises. His sister Hetty is in town to help him and has lined up plenty of appropriate young women, all of whom would make great wives to a Duke. They would fit the role perfectly and know exactly how to behave in front of the ton. So why is it that when Max meets country miss Sophie Trevelyn, who is far from an appropriate match, can he not get her out of his mind? 

Will Sophie succeed in getting Duke his much needed exercise and can Max put his past and expectations aside in order to follow his heart? You won't know until you pick up a copy of 'The Duke's Unexpected Bride,' today! :) 

Firstly, I want to talk about Sophie. She was just delightful. A few of my favourite things about her were that: She said what she was thinking, even if it wasn't always the right time nor place, she stood up for herself when she was spoken down to by men or women, she was sweet, kind, adventurous and she spoke to Duke the pug like he was a child, which made for the cutest interactions. Her ability to see the good in people also made me happy, as well as, the way she blushed anytime her and Max spoke or touched. She may have been different to all of the London women but her differences made her stand out and made her character that much more lovable, 

As for Max, I'm blushing myself just thinking about him. I was so intrigued by his past and why he put himself down so much for what had happened 10 years ago, so I was relieved when Sophie in her empathetic way tried to explain to him that he wasn't a terrible person or to be blamed for the previous events that had happened in his life, that was of course when she herself found out. Underneath the 'stone Duke' exterior there was a man capable of love, a man who was kind, caring and very protective. I love that he found himself reacting to Sophie before he had time to even think about what he was doing. Be it coming to her defense, going over to see her in the park or physically needing to touch her. It was all very romantic and attractive. 

The story of both Sophie and Max had me up late into the night, I smiled, I swooned, I blushed and I laughed. I highly recommend it if you, like me are a fan of historical fiction. I am so excited that I have another regency author to binge on. :) 

Make sure you pick up your copy of 'The Duke's Unexpected Bride' which is out on 1st May! :)

Happy Reading!

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