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How could we not be drawn to this gorgeous lady?? Her selfies are goals, her foodie pictures have us drooling, and we just love her! Her blog makes us want to get dressed up and head for a night on the town, to discover the many amazing food places that are out there waiting for us, in our hometown, of Manchester, none the less. :) Her outfit ideas inspire us to try that little bit harder with our fashion choices...we're getting there, and we just adore her photography style! We couldn't wait to find out more about Laura, so without further ado lets chat.

1) We love your blog and reading about the experiences you share. What inspired you to start your blog and write those experiences down?

Ah thank you so much! Little comments like that from other bloggers, friends and even strangers are a big part of what inspire me to blog. I love that I could help, inspire or just entertain people with my posts, and even if I make a small difference it feels like a great achievement. I am also inspired by other amazing bloggers and would always read other blogs or watch YouTube channels, and wish I had my own – my boyfriend always told me I could do whatever I put my mind to and it’s true! I started my blog and haven’t looked back since.

2)You currently live in Manchester, England, which is our home sweet home. There have been so many new places popping up in the seven years that we have been away. Where are some of the best places to eat and drink in the city?

I do J there are always so many places popping up here, it’s so hard to keep up as I always want to try them all! There is something to suit everyone’s tastes here in the city, so totally depends on what you fancy or what your fave food is. Me and my boyfriend always head to Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn as it does the most amazing Mexican food and largeritas (if you haven’t had a lagerita you HAVE to try one). If you want to go a little more fine-dining then I would definitely try the tasting menu at Manchester House, or El Gato Negro for some delicious tapas. Honestly there are just too many places to try – my list could go on forever!

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3) You used to work in a bakery, making cupcakes, wedding cakes and all kinds of cakes, which is amazing. What would be your favourite treat to bake?

I would say at the moment anything a little different. I made so many cupcakes and layer cakes that I could do them with my eyes closed now! So I like to play around with new recipes and making things I didn’t get to make much at the bakery. I am totally loving health foods and natural treats at the moment so creating delicious and healthy snacks is my favourite thing to bake right now.

4) Inspired by your baking expertise and your love of a good cocktail, if you were to come up with your very own Laura Lucas cocktail, what would be in it?

One of my favourite cocktails is an espresso martini, so I would probably combine my love of a delicious coffee with my baking expertise and create a range of different flavoured espresso martinis. Chocolate & PB would be a must, a French vanilla martini, and maybe a black forest gateaux or banoffee pie flavoured one!

5) Your blog also covers fashion. Where does your fashion inspiration come from on a daily basis?

That’s a tough question! It comes from so many different places and people, inspiration I get from magazines, other bloggers, Instagram, and just window shopping! I find that I quite often come across photos on Instagram of pieces I love and go on a mission to find them. I like to combine a number of different styles and always have key pieces that I love, that I can mix and match for different occasions. I am a firm believer in having some great staple pieces that you can accessorise and dress differently depending on how you’re feeling or what event you are going to.

6) We’ve seen everything on your blog from a cozy winter wardrobe to pretty summer outfits. Which is your favourite season for fashion?

Definitely summer! I am such a summer person, and although I have actually really enjoyed my winter wardrobe and experimenting with different styles this year, I always prefer my summer style. I am totally envious of you guys in Florida and your weather! I love how easy it is to dress in summer and you can pretty much wear whatever you fancy, whereas in chilly Manchester I always have to consider how cold it is and how many layers I should put on, what the rain is going to do to my outfit (and my hair), and how I can dress to fit the occasion as well as the weather!

7) We are huge fans of your blogger jumper, which appeared on your blog recently. What is one fashion item you cannot live without?

I’d have to choose a good handbag as my must-have. My Chanel Classic is one thing I am super proud of; it goes with everything I own, fits my essentials and camera if I am going to an event or blogging out and about, and is of course, timelessly classic. I also love my big Michael Kors bag for during the week and taking to work. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag, the perfect size but fits a crazy amount of stuff in it. It’s great for throwing everything and anything I need in, and I am always the one to be carrying multiple snacks, phone chargers, pens, a notepad, an umbrella, lipsticks and pretty much anything you might need!

8) Your selfies are goals. What are make up must haves?

Aw thank you J For my face I can’t live without the Kat Von D contour palette, Too Faced Sweet Tea bronzer and Nars Orgasm blush. For eyes, the Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner is a must, as most days I like a winged liner, and if I am going out I have been constantly reaching for The Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The ABH brow pomade is also a daily staple for perfect brows! Finally for lips, Mac lip liner in Whirl, and Kat Von D are some of the best liquid lips on the market (in my opinion)!

9) As a blogger, do you have a specific place where you sit down to write your posts or can you write anywhere?

I tend to sit at the table at home with my MacBook, as I find I am most productive there. I do blog elsewhere and sometimes I have to write in other places if I’m away or have lots to do! I am already imagining my perfect office space for when I eventually have the room to create one, I’m definitely someone who works better if I can sit at a desk with no real distractions, but sometimes I just like to get in bed with a glass of wine and get on with some editing!

10) When you’re not working, taking photos or blogging, what do you love to do?

At the moment I am loving working out. I am always super busy so hitting the gym is one of the only times I get some genuine me-time, and it’s nice to just stick my headphones in and focus on training for a while. My boyfriend has also just got a new job meaning we actually see each other for a change (!) so at the weekend we like to try and prioritise time together and with loved ones. And finally, as you know I am a big foodie, so one of my favourite things to do is to head to different bars and food venues in the city and sample all of the delicious food and drinks!

Be sure to check out Laura's blog for the best places to visit in Manchester, as well the cutest outfit ideas and more.
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Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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