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We couldn't be more thrilled and giddy to bring you today's interview. We bloody love this women. We love her YouTube and we love her blog. We love that she is so genuine and real and someone you feel you could happily chat away with over a coffee. She inspires us every day to get up and get our workouts done, while also, inspiring us to breathe, enjoy life and occasionally eat that doughnut! :p Thank you so much Carly Rowena for taking the time to answer our questions and to you lovely readers, we hope you enjoy! :)

1) We absolutely adore your outlook on fitness and nutrition and how it’s all about balance. You love food, you love to workout, you love to enjoy life, so first, we would like to know, when did your fitness journey start and how did it come about?

As a child I was always active but never particularly sporty, I joined my first gym at 18 with my ex boyfriend and became the typical cardio bunny. My body rarely changed and I was demotivated and bored, it was around this time that I made new friends and started trying some weights classes, it was so much more fun and I started to notice a change in my physique. Fast forward to the last 6 years and I upped by routine into more of a bodybuilding style, it was also around this time that I was desperate to find my dream career, however I was pretty talentless. A friend suggested I should have a look on YouTube and this was where my journey truly began. I treated my YouTube Channel as a talent diary, trying new things to see where my passions lay, after 3 months it was actually my followers who suggested I should become a trainer, I thought it had always been a passion but in actual fact it was my true calling! Now I am a personal trainer and a Fitness Blogger, I couldn’t be happier! 

2) Being a personal trainer, you must know countless exercises and all about a multitude of programs and classes. With all that you have learnt what does your favourite workout consist of?

My favourite workout has always been to play, circuits are my all time favourite which is why I think Crossfit has now become such a happy place for me! 

3) With the fitness world booming right now, what keeps you inspired, motivated and true to yourself?

My followers and clients, I am so lucky to have them and they inspire me everyday with messages of support, transformations and questions!

4) You always look kick ass and gorgeous in your gym outfits, and every day outfits too, but what are the best, most comfy, awesome for squatting in and confident boosting gym clothes you recommend?

Such a great question, my all time favourite legging brands are Sweaty Betty, Dharma Bums and Nike, the leggings never budge, you always receive compliments and they last the length of time!

5) Like we mentioned above, we love your love of food. The recipes on your blog, your Instagram pictures and the vlogs you share, always have the most yummy looking dishes in them, what would you say is your go to healthy dish and your maybe not so healthy dish?

I'm such a chuck it all in a pan type of person, but one of my favourite dishes is the - Shake up your sweet potato torta. My favourite naughty but healthy dish is this: Healthy brownies, taste amazing.

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6) We thoroughly enjoy seeing your Snaps and Insta stories from the cutest cafes and restaurants you visit in your hometown and on your travels to London and such. We miss good old England like crazy at the moment and always make lists of where we must visit when we come home. If you could send us to one quaint café or unique restaurant, where would it be?

Oooh I love home, I actually live in Norwich but I have to say my favourite place to lunch in London is either the Detox Kitchen or Ethos Foods, it’s buffet styled which is always my favourite as I can eat EVERYTHING! 

7) Speaking of travels, last year you visited some of the most beautiful places from sunny Florida and LA, to camping in Canada, to Hawaii and Vegas, what was your most favourite trip?

I feel so lucky that I get to travel so much, it was never something I expected to happen so it has truly been the most amazing outcome! My favourite place in the world is NZ but I also adore Kawaii and Montenegro!

8) Furthermore, which travel destinations do you still have to tick off your list? What places haven’t you been that you are dying to visit?

Oh there is still so many places, I am off to Costa Rica on Saturday which has always been on my list, but Ecuador, Peru, Cuba and Galapagos still have my heart! 

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9) So we love Leon and think, like you, he is beautiful inside and out, but we also love how you are always so open and fun when it comes to gorgeous men. Who is your celebrity crush?

Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum or Iron Man hehe!

10) Your seven day challenge on YouTube was incredibly inspiring and just so lovely. And in actual fact, instead of a question 10 we wanted to do Day Three and give out our two compliments, to you. Number 1: You have amazing abs and are ab goals and Number two: We are in love with your personality. We love how you give off such positive, happy vibes and we love that you say you fall in love with people on a daily basis, every second of the day, as we can completely connect with that and just love you even more for it.

Thank you SO much!! I am still not the best at receiving them but I absolutely love giving them, so thank you so much!

Hope you enjoyed today's interview. You can find Carly on social media, her blog and youtube channel at the links below.

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Instagram at carlyrowena
Twitter at CarlyRowena

Have an awesome Friday everyone!


  1. Your blog is lovely! https://aquateraa.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Aww thank you so much, we really appreciate that! :) We will definitely be checking out your blog too! :) xx

  2. Reading this made me so happy! I've been a huge fan of Carly and she's a big motivation for me when it comes to working out in the gym, fantastic interview x


    1. Aww yay, thank you so much, we are so happy you enjoyed the interview! We adore Carly too, she's just awesome! :) xxx

  3. Great interview ladies! Will have to check her out!

    Vanessa xxx


    1. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply! She is awesome, we're sure you will love her! :)