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We found Aisha through taking part in a Girl Gang chat on Twitter over Christmas. We got so excited being able to chat to her about some of our favourite Italian Christmas cakes and since then have been avid readers of her blog! We adore that Aisha writes in both English and Italian as it's a constant source of practice for us as well as inspiration. We are so happy that we got to interview Aisha for our blog because well, what's not to love about chatting about Italy, food and make up?? 

1. We are so happy that we found your blog. We adore that you write in both English and Italian, as it means we get to learn. What inspired you to start blogging?
Hello everyone. First of all, I want to thank you so much for this interview and I'm really happy about it. Well, I started my blog in 2014, a personal space where I could talk about my passions: beauty, makeup and writing. I wanted to share my point of view and my opinions about my favourite products. I decided to write in both English and Italian because I can share my thoughts with as many people as possible.

2. You live in our most favourite place in the world. 😊 Where in Italy are you from?
Italy is a really beautiful country and I live in the north of Italy in a region called Friuli Venezia Giulia, near the well-known Venice. I reach this lovely city with less than an hour by train.

3. At Christmas we chatted about Pandoro and Panettone, which are traditional Italian Christmas cakes. What other traditional Italian sweet is your favourite?
Aaaww I miss Christmas soo much. We are not a typical huge Italian family with pizza, pasta and lasagne, but we eat a lot on Christmas and Pandoro is SO GOOD!! I also really love Tiramisù.

4. We are in love with Pasticceria Pansa in Amalfi. Have you heard of it and is there a must visit café where you live?
I've never visited Amalfi so I don't know this pasticceria but there are a lot of good pasticcerie (where you can eat a lot of good pastries) in my town but I don't have a favourite one :)

5. Italy is such a beautiful country, that many people travel to see. Which countries are on your travel wish list?
I love to travel. I visited London years ago and I really want to go to England again. Also: France, Greece, and some exotic country too.

6. Your blog is all about beauty and you often share make up products that you love. What are some of Italy's best brands that we may not get over here?
I often talk about OMIA: is a natural, organic, cruelty free, beauty brand that I really love. OMIA has many products like: shampoo, conditioner, body cream, face serum, and more. Moreover, I really like Neve Cosmetics for makeup and Layla and PUPA for nail polishes.

7. If you could only wear one item of make up all day, what would it be and why?
ONE item of makeup? Haha no, no, this is impossible! This question is tooo hard. I really don't know, maybe a mascara because it makes a huge difference on your eyes.

8. We noticed that you love Harry Potter, just like us! 😊 Who is your favourite character and why?
Another difficult question! I'm currently reading all the Harry Potter saga (I've just started the last one) and I like all the characters. I really love Luna with her dreamy look and sincerity. I love Lupin with his comforting words. Snape is an amazing and complicated character. And of course I love Harry Potter, sometimes is so funny with his sarcasm. I'm sorry if I couldn't answer as I should but I love ALL of Harry Potter.

9. When writing your blog posts, do you like to have a particular snack or drink on hand?
When I'm writing I'm very concentrated so I don't have a particular snack or drink but sometimes, especially during the winter time, I love to have a nice cup of tea.

10. When you aren’t working or blogging. What do you enjoy doing?
I love reading, photography, stay with my boyfriend and my family, long walks, cuddling my cat, watching some TV series (I'm obsessed with Teen Wolf) and many other things.

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  1. Aaww this makes me so happy!!! It was amazing to do this interview and it was an honor :) you're so sweet and kind!! I'm so happy to join the Girl Gang community.. I discovered wonderful people like you two!! I love your blog especially when you talk about Italian traditions :) love youuuu


    1. Awww Grazie mille Aisha. You make us happy and we loved having you on our blog! :) You are awesome. We loved that we met you through The Girl Gang community too, we love your blog and love getting to learn from you and speak with you! :) xxxx

  2. I love this so much, and Aishettina is such a beautiful person inside and out! It's so wonderful to see her on your blog!
    (and hello twinnies, hope you're both having a fab week!)
    Jemma | DORKFACE

    1. Aww thank you Jemma! Thank you for reading, Aisha is awesome, we love her and love that The Girl Gang allows for us to connect and meet so many awesome people, like you too! :) Hope you're having an amazing week too! <3