Relax out of your comfort zone!

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In today's blog post I wanted to talk to you about relaxing.

Hands up if you have set things you do to relax? Hands up if you sometimes look at other people's relaxing methods and think 'Ooh I never get time to do that,' or 'Ooh that looks so relaxing and fun,'? I'm waving my hands in the air right now. You see, relaxing for me is often curling up to read a book, sitting talking to Kelly while enjoying a cup of coffee, settling down to write while snuggled up in a blanket or getting cozy with my husband to watch our favourite TV Shows. However, every now and again, those moments can be interrupted with worries, checking my phone, rambling about something I forgot to tell my husband that needed to be done, going through the tasks for the day or making notes for that book review. I then look at people who are enjoying a bubble bath or having a nice glass of wine or I see people sharing their pamper routines or having breakfast in bed and I think 'ooh that looks lovely,' or 'oooh why don't I have time to do that?' or 'do I even relax anymore?' and it got me thinking.

Have your relaxing methods merely become a routine? Have your relaxing activities been hijacked by time spent scrolling through your twitter feed for longer than necessary, your brain never switching off?

This week I challenge you to do one thing out of your relaxing comfort zone. I challenge you to partake in an activity you wouldn't normally do to relax. I encourage you to take those inspiring Instagram/Pinterest posts and make them your reality.

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For those of you who don't usually reach for a book to relax, why not take a trip to the book store and pick a book that takes your fancy and simply try giving it a go.

For those of you who never stop to soak up the bubbles in a nice bubble bath, why not forget your to do list for fifteen minutes, light some candles, turn the music on soft and disappear in the hot soapy water.

For those of you who rarely pour yourself a glass of wine, get out that pretty wine glass and pour yourself a hearty glass and indulge a little.

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For me, I actually had breakfast in bed this past weekend. Normally, I spring out of bed at 6:00am, instead I took the time for extra cuddles with my husband, kept my computer and phone use to a minimum and bought a delicious breakfast of my favourite Italian coffee and cornetti, for us to enjoy it in the peace and quiet and coziness of our bed. It honestly felt amazing to take it slow for that extra bit longer. I sat chatting with Chris, I practiced my Italian and I got to introduce him to the delights of Nutella on Italian bread. It felt wonderful and even Chris mentioned how much he liked waking up together. I definitely want to make it a more regular occurrence.

I'd love to know what works for you when relaxing or what you are going to try and do to change up your routine. I'd also love to know if you find something new that helps you that you'd never thought to do before.

Happy relaxing.


  1. Great post and beautiful imagery! Love following you!

    Kindest, Georgina |

    1. Aww thank you so much! That means the world to me! :) Thank you for reading! :) Lucy xx

  2. Hi girl! I love this blogpost and I think it's really great with a nice content. Well done Lucy!
    with love, Ele

    ps: take a look to my blog because I think you could like it!

    1. Thank you so much Ele, so happy you enjoyed it. We will definitely check out your blog too! :) xxx

  3. So interesting! What a different way to think about it all. I have been making a concious effort to take more time out and just read. It's paid off too because I've finished over double the amount of books this year so far than I did all last year!

    Stunning photos too by the way.

    Danielle xo

    1. Aww I'm so happy you have been getting to read more and relax! That's awesome! :) I've realized just how important it is and doing something different like staying in bed for me, made a huge difference. And yay, we're so excited that you like the photos, Kelly and I were so happy taking them as we just ate Italian food and kept smiling at it all! :p Thank you for reading Danielle! :) xxxx