You only have to look on our social media sites, or even this blog, to know what we are currently crazy about. Since we were kids we have always been all or nothing kind of people. If something made us happy, we loved it with all of our hearts and you could find evidence of our devotion everywhere; our bedrooms, our school books, our notebooks and our clothes. We would literally shout about what ever we were loving from the rooftops.

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Shouting about our loves from the rooftops was something we never grew out of and so today, just because we felt like sharing, here are a few things that are currently making us happy! :)

Coffee Mornings - We are morning people 110%. We love the early hours when it's just us and a cup of coffee, catching up with the world and blogging.

The Walking on Sunshine soundtrack - It's been 2 months and it's still going strong.

Giulio Berruti - No words can do him justice right now. We feel this is another case of somebody coming in to our life at the right time.  He just makes us smile and we are currently working our way through his movies and TV shows. Through him speaking English in 'Walking in Sunshine' we feel inspired to focus like never before on our Italian.

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Learning Italian - We have completely thrown ourselves into it this year (with a little extra inspiration, see above) and are making no excuses. As well as Rosetta Stone, we have the Duo Lingo app for our phones, which we do everyday, and like we said before, have been watching Italian movies and shows. We love being surrounded by the language. It's home to us and fills us with so much contentment.

Working for Power Crunch - We are so lucky to be able to work for a brand that we ourselves love. We have a great team that we work with and each time we get an event, we get super excited. The fact that it's our job, is amazing.

Our Blog - There's always improvements to be made and things to learn but we can honestly say that right now, we love our little blog. We can't say thank you enough to Fiona at Wishes, Hopes and Dreams, for making what we had in our heads come to life. We finally have things on our blog that we envisioned a long time ago and that makes us very happy! 

What currently makes you really happy?

Have a happy day! :)


  1. Happiness is such an important thing. I'm so glad you have stuck with learning Italian. You'll be fluent in no time ;)

    The Crown Wings

    1. Thank you and Thank you for reading! Slowly but surely, we're just not going to stop this time! :)