Colazione nel Italia!

Breakfast in Italy

Buongiorno a tutti! 

When thinking about Italy there are many wonderful things that pop into our heads; the picturesque views, the clear blue skies, the pebbled beaches, the amazing culture, the chic fashion and of course the out of this world food. From oven baked pizza, to handmade pasta, to fresh mozzarella and creamy gelato, Italy's food game is unparalleled. 

Amalfi coast tray

When we were twelve years old visiting Praiano, Italy, for the second time, we stayed at the beautiful Hotel Margarita, which was just a short walk from the house our Nanna grew up in. Apart from the simple yet elegant and cozy decor, our favourite thing about the hotel was going downstairs for breakfast every morning. There on tables, draped in crisp white linen, sat plates of freshly baked, warm cornetti's, (croissant's) filled with a sweet lemon curd, rolls of hard on the outside, but perfectly soft on the inside white bread and next to them, small packets of Nutella. Our twelve year old selves were in heaven. This simple breakfast was so perfect for us as we sat with our little cups of tea and chatted about what we would be doing that day with Mum and Dad and our family. Just thinking about it now we can't get back there quick enough.

When recreating our beloved breakfast, we picked up these Paluani cornetti's from Plateroti's here in Clearwater. So delicious! 

A few years after we visited Praiano, we took a trip to Padova, where our Zia Giuseppina lives. We stayed in a little hotel not far from her house and once again were treated to a breakfast that made jumping out of bed in the morning all the more worth it. This hotel had a little area with more of a grab and go breakfast, consisting of pastries, fruit and melba toast, which of course was accompanied by little packets of Nutella, we mean come on, who doesn't like Nutella?? There were a few tables near this small continental breakfast buffet, so before heading to Zia Giuseppina's for the day, we would sit and munch on our toast and pastries, feeling very satisfied and content. It's truly the little things in life, the simple pleasures, that make out hearts soar. The smell of coffee in the air, freshly baked pastries and a light layer of Nutella on some crunchy bread, ahhh, what a way to start the day. Italy you're doing it right. :)

Plateroti's stocks scrumptious Alessi melba toast too. Our Grandad adores hard Italian bread, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! :)

These memories fill our hearts with so much happiness, that the other day we just had to recreate these breakfasts at home. We took a trip to our favourite little Italian shop, that is conveniently ten minutes away from our apartment, and were bubbling with excitement adding these treats to our shopping basket. We proceeded to enjoy an afternoon of taking photos, that had us smiling from ear to ear, then promptly devoured all of our goodies, while taking pictures and sending them to our sister, Nanna and Grandad and telling them all about it! :)

Have you been to Italy? What breakfast food did you enjoy?

Buona Giornata!


  1. Aww this is so nice :) Italian food is sooo good! And I'm really happy to live here! We have soo many good things. Ok, pasta and pizza are amazing but all the sweet things like tiramisù, cornetti, cannoli, canestrelli (typical biscuits) aaand many others! xx

    1. We 100% agree Aisha, it's our most favourite food in the world and makes us so happy! We can't wait to visit Italy again! xx