Book review: There's something about Cornwall, by Daisy James.

Release date: 8th March 2017
Twitter: @daisyjamesbooks
Publisher: HQ Digital.

OK, can someone please bring me a giant scone with clotted cream and jam and at least ten Cornish pasties, ooh and a fresh pot of tea? Really? Pretty please? Like stat? :p

How gorgeous is this book? If you have read it, you know it's plenty gorgeous and if you haven't read it yet, then why? and you must do!!! To put it quite simply, I just loved this book. It made me happy. I think Daisy James created such positivity and happiness through her writing that made 'There's Something about Cornwall' such a pleasant read.

In 'There's Something about Cornwall' we meet Emilie, a food photographer, who is feeling rather down and out and lacking self esteem, after her boyfriend steals her dream job right from underneath her. She had dreamt of going to Venice and taking pictures of the incredible food and stunning canals, but it isn't meant to be. Instead, her best friend suckers her into a two week road trip along the Cornish coast to work under the demands of terrifying celebrity baker Lucinda Carlton Rose, or more commonly known as 'The devil who wears an apron', where she will be travelling...and sleeping, in a neon orange mini camper van. No boyfriend, no confidence and no idea of what she has quite got herself in to, her adventure begins.

I loved the concept of travelling to different parts of Cornwall to photograph each dessert for Lucinda's cookbook, all of which would be different and represent a food from that specific place. This hooked me straight away and I was excited to read about all the different baked goods. However, though I may have been excited, our leading lady wasn't so thrilled. Upon the first shoot, Emilie, is more a ball of nerves and a clumsy mess than giddy about the task at hand. And let's just say her first encounter with Lucinda doesn't go quite so smoothly and after one day she already wants to go home. Her best friend, Alice, has her back though. Alice is the set stylist and organizer extraordinaire. She also happens to know how to be carefree and let go when it comes to partying with hot surfer dudes. She wants Emilie to have fun and start getting her confidence back. Alice has all the faith in her that she is a brilliant photographer and wants Emilie to start believing in herself. I thought this was a really lovely touch to their friendship, it was definitely friendship goals. :) Unfortunately, things don't go so swimmingly at the beach party and disaster ensues, leaving Emilie to face evil Lucinda, a neon orange camper van and narrow bendy Cornish roads, all by herself.

Ok, well, not exactly by herself. I may have forgotten to mention a certain, sweet as can be, surfer dude by the name of Matt Ashby, who is more than happy to take the wheel and join Emilie on her Cornish adventure. And, yes, Matt will have you swooning. I told you, you need to be reading this book now! :p This might sound a little odd but I truly felt like I was reading this book in colour, like the places, the adventure, the food and the people just bounced of the pages in a bright, bold vision. Kind of like the darling front cover, but I could see that throughout the book. Have I lost you or are you with me? It's just that I adored the camper van, first and foremost, and very much wanted to hop in and tag along with Emilie and Matt. I could see the cozy interior and hear the sound it made when it took off. Maybe it's because I have dreamt of owning my own little VW Bug for the longest time, but reading about it made me smile. Secondly, Baking Queen, Lucinda Carlton Rose was a wonderful character, I could picture her makeup, her outfits and even how she baked. I loved the layers Daisy added to her and I loved how strong of a women she was. I loved that I got to experience learning about her with Emilie. Lucinda is a go getter, a business women and she inspired me just as much as she inspired Emilie. I was happy that their relationship blossomed and was rooting for it. Emilie needed that. :) Thirdly, the character of Matt was a dream. I don't think I can say one bad thing about him. I adored his kind nature, his positive attitude and his desire to wake up and seize each day. He is also, so caring and, uh, yes, I just loved him. Fourthly, can I please, please, please have one of everything Lucinda makes in this book delivered to my door now. Ooh my mouth watered at the description of every treat, from the Apple and Caramel loaf to the Cornish Cheesecake and Caramel Glazed Pears. I felt so inspired to get in the kitchen and bake, it was simply wonderful for a foodie like me. And last but not least, what a lovely character Emilie was. I felt like I could relate to her from the get go. Her insecurities and vulnerability made her incredibly heartwarming and I could associate with not always feel confident in your skills. I've definitely had those embarrassing moments when trying your absolute hardest or not quite knowing where to stand or how to speak to someone, so I loved her from the beginning. I also, felt like she had a spark to her, that she really wanted to be the person she had in her head, she was driven and she was creative, she just needed that little boost. I enjoyed seeing her relationship with Matt grow and I loved that he could be that source of support for her. Furthermore, I felt inspired by her photography when thinking about what photos to take for our blog. Now if I could just get my hands on a VW Bug... :p

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an inspiring, happy read. So, go get yourself a copy of 'There's Something about Cornwall' now! :)

Happy Reading.




  1. Wow, what a wonderful review. A huge thank you! I'm so pleased you enjoyed Emilie and Matt's story. I have to admit that I loved doing the research! Love Daisyx

    1. Aww so happy you liked the review, that made me smile! :) Thank you for writing such a gorgeous book! xxxx