Book Review: Sunrise at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett.

Release Date: 7th February 2017.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @Sarahlou_writes @HQDigitalUK

I'm so happy Sarah Bennett got in touch with me about reading her new story, 'Sunrise at Butterfly Cove.' It was such a lovely read. I think the calmness and serenity that is epitomized at Butterfly cove, actually bounced of the pages onto me, because while I read it I just felt a sense of peace and quiet. It was a story that had a lot of heart and captured my full attention, as though someone was telling me their life story and I was merely there to listen and offer comfort and love. 

It's been two years since tragedy struck Mia Sutherland and she's determined bit by bit to get back out into the real world instead of hiding away in her little sanctuary of Butterfly Cove. To help her do that she needs to start restoring Butterfly house so that she can open it for guests in the Summer. She's got a lot of work to do but luckily has two wonderful friends to help her. Richard and Madeline have helped her in more ways than one since she moved to Butterfly Cove, they've adopted her as their own and she would be lost without their support and kindness. So when Madeline, leaves a random stranger in need of a place to stay on her doorstep one day, Mia can't stay mad for long. Mia's not sure if she's ready to have anyone else live under her roof just yet but she's too kind to just turn Daniel away. Plus she is all too familiar with the anxiety, fear and loneliness in his eyes, so she decides to give him one week, under the condition he helps with the renovations that need to be done. Daniel is more than happy to help and can't believe how kind this beautiful strange is being. He had to get away from London for his own sake and he could have ended up anywhere, there must have been a reason he ended up in Butterfly Cove.

I enjoyed this story, it felt like I was riding a little wave of serenity and that I had to treat it with love and tender care. Mia's story broke my heart. Every action or conversation she had, I could just feel her sadness. It didn't make the story miserable or Mia a depressing character, Sarah just did a great job at writing this character that was consumed by a grief that she was struggling to let go of. To connect her grief to that of Daniel's own story made for a beautiful read. The way the two characters connected and understood each other was just heartwarming. I loved that they had a mutual understanding from the very beginning and that they were honest and open with their friendship. Mia was so sweet and caring and Daniel was so protective and patient. Their interactions were extremely warm and loving and I wanted to see them both find peace and happiness. 

Butterfly Cove itself sounded like a wonderful place to visit. Every room Mia decorated, I could picture in my head. I would love to come back to her beach themed room, after a stroll along the beach, and relax by the window while reading a good book. Ooh and I can't forget indulging in Mia's delicious home cooking. The kitchen at Butterfly houses sounds like the best place to be. Mia's stews, soups and scones had my mouth watering. Yep, you can book me in for the summer! :) 

I can't wait for the next installment in the Butterfly Cove series. Make sure you are all caught up by the time it comes out and get yourself 'Sunrise at Butterfly Cove' now!

Happy Reading!

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