Love, cake!!

This past weekend our Nanna turned eighty-six years young and today our Grandad is ninety-one, or "only ninety-one", as he would say. We have to admit that we have been a touch emotional over the past few days with not being able to actually cuddle and kiss them and spend the day celebrating with all our family. However, we were super grateful for early morning Skype calls where we got to wish them a very Happy Birthday. For those of you who are regular readers of our little blog, you will know that our Grandparents are our everything, and for those of you visiting for the first time, hello, welcome and be prepared for those soppy family posts, in which we tell you just how much we love them, like todays post! Yay! :p

So, in our little moments of feeling sad at not being with family on these special occasions, we were in need of chocolate...and lots of it. We wanted to be able to celebrate and we wanted to be able to eat cake. It also happened to be our Aunt Nancy's birthday over the weekend too, who lives here in Florida, and we wanted to make something for her, as she has a sweet tooth like us. Cake just seemed to be the answer to all questions. Our Pinterest search for a delicious chocolaty cake ensued.

We came across this recipe and knew it was the cake to make upon reading the name, 'Cockeyed cake, aka, The Lazy Ass Cake. Not to say we were being lazy exactly, but you know how it is when you're feeling a little down, you don't want to be running to the store trying to collect a bunch of ingredients and then baking a cake that takes hours to mix and cook, no, you just want to eat the cake. 

This cake turned out amazing. It was rich, perfectly chocolaty, with a hint of coffee, (thanks to the espresso) moist and just delicious. We whipped up some Birds Eye custard to pour over the top, because, well, nostalgia, you can't beat Birds Eye custard now can you? For those of you who aren't British, we definitely recommend finding a store that sells it and trying it. We know Target and World Market stock it here in the States. In addition, our Grandad loves Birds Eye custard and we used to make it with him all the time growing up. He's rather fond of it on trifles, so it was the perfect topping for us to enjoy while thinking about them and singing Happy Birthday down the phone.

This cake definitely picked us up out of our funks and it was fun to show Nanna pictures and tell her we were being happy and celebrating too, she liked that. We feel so incredibly blessed that our Grandparents are with us and going strong at the ages of eighty-six and ninety-one. Not a day goes by where we don't say thank you for the love and inspiration they provide us each day. They truly are the most amazing people and we wouldn't be who we are today without them. So, happy birthday Grandad and to everyone else celebrating a birthday today. Be happy, dance, sing, smile and enjoy your day!!!

Is any body else a February baby? Next up we have our Dad and my Dad in law's birthday (Lucy), followed by Kelly's husband and then ours. February is a busy month.

Have an awesome day everyone and eat the cake! :)


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