"I Married a Twin."

We can barely get through a day without getting asked standard Twin questions; Are you Twins? Who's older? Do you always answer at the same time? You get the point. Some people will be apologetic when asking questions because they know we must have heard it a thousand times, but we understand they are just interested. We get it and we can honestly say it doesn't annoy us. We love being Twins and will happily answer questions people have. But what about those that live with us on a daily basis? How does us being Twins affect them? Yep today, we thought we'd change it up a little bit and be the ones asking the questions!

Today's questions are for our husbands! Lucy and I, live across the hall from each other, we speak to each other every few minutes and big life decisions always have to be made for the four of us together. Our husbands rarely complain about it, though we know it can't be easy. Let's see how they really feel...

1. Have you ever mistaken your wife for her Twin?

Chris O: No.

Chris S: Haha. No, I don't believe so. Although I will admit when I used to referee them in wrestling matches and they both had on the same costumes and makeup it did make it easier for them to trick the referee, cheat and get away with it. (Did I just suggest that the Blossom Twins weren't always the nicest in the ring?? ;0p)

2. Name one thing that's hard about being married to a Twin.

Chris O: Just one?! If I had to pick just one; independence and not always being able to make our own decisions without considering everyone else.

Chris S: I have to agree with Chris here. I think it's a balance of knowing twins just do things a different way than non-twin siblings, while being a support system for my wife, encouraging her to remember to be her own person.

3. What's one fun thing about being married to a Twin?

Chris O: They are very efficient and work well together to get stuff done. When they team up on tasks, on their own little things, or when we need to get stuff done, they are like the dwarfs in Snow White.

Chris S: The learning experience you get, in terms of social observation. You see that twins have a unique mentality towards life and how to approach it that others may not.

We swapped!!! ;)

4. Tell us something you've learnt about the relationship Twins have.

Chris O: Twins consider each other in every decision they make. I don't know if that's all twins or just my twins. Their relationship is much different to normal siblings. They have an unconditional love for each other and can be around each other 24/7 without getting tired of each other.

Chris S: What he said.

5. What's the biggest difference between your wife and her sister, that people don't realize?

Chris O: Kelly is more organized, Lucy is more adventurous. Kelly is more reserved and Lucy is more outgoing and shows emotions on her sleeve.

Chris S: Yeah, that about sums it up. And they look different. 

There you have it folks, the extremely thought provoking and very in-depth answers from our husbands!! :p

Do you have friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives that are Twins? If so what are they like? How do they cope in relationships?

If you have any other Twin questions for us, or dare we say it, our husbands, we'd love to hear them!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love this. I have a twinnie question. Do you ever look back on photos of yourselves as children or babies and get confused over who is who

    1. YES!! When we were babies we haven't a clue who was who on pictures. We swear our Mum and Dad aren't even 100% certain!! :p It was a little easier once we got older and had different haircuts! :)


    2. I love that your parents didn't even know. You might have started off life as the other twin!!!

    3. Haha, don't think that hasn't crossed our minds!!!!! :D I was chubbier in the face than Lucy so sometimes it can be easy but yeah most of the time it's a guessing game! xx

  2. I absolutely love this! One of my friends got married last year; he's a twin, and guess what? His wife is a twin, too! Now I need to ask them both these questions!

    1. Thank you!! Oh please do, it would be amazing to see how they are with each other. Like is it easier for them because they both know exactly how each other feel or not?!! That's so cool! :)

  3. I absolutely love this post! It's so interesting to hear from your husbands! Xx

    1. Aww thank you for reading Jemma! They do put up with a lot, so we thought it was about time they got to share what it's like! :p