Book Review: We were on a Break by Lindsey Kelk.

Release Date: 6th October 2016.
Publisher: Harper Collins
Twitter: @LindseyKelk

It's Lindsey Kelk...that is all.
Ooh sorry, did you want to know what the book is about?!!! Well, OK, but really need I say more? When you see the name Lindsey Kelk, you should simply pick the book up, purchase it and disappear into book world and never look back.

I adore Lindsey Kelk. I adore her stories, her writing style, the way she makes me laugh, how her books are so very British, her strong leading ladies, her heartwarming characters, basically just everything. I was so excited to read "We Were on a Break" as it had felt like a hot minute since I had read one of Lindsey's books. In addition, I was really intrigued by the idea. "We were on a break." is written from both the girl and the guys point of view while they are, kind of, sort of, on a break. Lindsey did a fantastic job of this. There were moments where I was nodding along, laughing a long and some moments where I couldn't help giggle and shake my head. I have a husband, a brother and a lot of guy friends and I always find the male perspective so interesting. To me, Lindsey captured our leading man, Adam, so perfectly and I have to say I adored him. Two days after reading the book I found myself smiling thinking about him. I loved that he had a goofy nature and a sense of humor. I loved that he could sometimes act like a child and I just loved his honesty and being able to step inside his brain during the whole break up. From experience, being around guys and even just from having talks with my husband, I felt Lindsey made him so real and so human. One of the many things I enjoyed was that she explored the avenues of men finding other women attractive, how they handle it and what's really going through their mind. I feel Adam handled the situation very well and I had to give him points at certain times for not succumbing to certain people. Then there was the odd time when I deducted some points for him being a little bit of a numpty, like taking said certain people to the local pub. But his good, sweet nature definitely won in the end and his love for Liv was incredibly heartwarming. As for, Liv, our leading lady and Adam's girlfriend/ex girlfriend, she was wonderful. I feel like I am currently part of an incredibly kick ass girl gang, almost like I could star in a British remake of the movie Bridesmaids, with the awesome best friends I have accumulated over my years of reading Lindsey Kelk books. She just writes women that even a word? Where was I? Oh yes. Liv, Liv was awesome. I honestly don't think I have anything bad to say about her. She was strong and independent, loved her job and had a very cool, laid back demeanor. Thought I liked her frazzley moments as I felt I could relate to those times of not knowing what you want or not quite knowing how to stand up for yourself. By the end I felt empowered when she figured it out and I was so happy for her. This book is a roller-coaster of emotions and really makes you think about the wonderful world of relationships, in a very good way. I feel it shows that their are going to be rough patches, crazy moments, downright confusing and not quite sure why I did or said that moments, but in the end the grass isn't always greener on the other side and it's important to remember what you have and appreciate what's in front of you. And did I mention this book is written by Lindsey Kelk? :p 

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