Book Review: The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts by Jennifer Joyce.

Release Date: 8th February 2017.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK
Twitter: @writer_jenn @HQDigitalUK

The last book I read of Jennifer Joyces' had me wanting biscuits, no specific kind, just all the biscuits. Well this time round I'm craving cake, of every different flavour and type, give me carrot cake, lemon sponges, mini cheesecakes, a gateau, I'm not picky, I just need cake. 
As cliche as it may sound, from the moment I read the first page, I fell back into that comfortable feeling you get when you read a book by an author, you just know is always going to be there for you. We all have those don't we? Those authors that no matter how you are feeling or what you are in the mood for, just seem to be screaming from the pages of their books, 'Don't worry, sit down, relax, I got you.' Well Jennifer Joyce is one of mine, her characters speak to me, her writing soothes me and her stories make me laugh out loud, swoon and smile, sometimes all at once.

'The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts' is a story about Maddie Lamington. She was betrayed in the worst possible way, but instead of hiding under her covers and wallowing in self pity, Maddie decided that it was the perfect time to do something big, to finally live her dream. And that's exactly what she did, she opened 'The Sweet Street Teashop.' It's been a year since she opened though and Maddie's numbers aren't looking good, she needs people in her teashop and she needs them fast. Being tucked away off a high street isn't helping her case, she needs people to know who she is and where she is before her dreams come crashing down. With the help of her awesome friends and employees, they start coming up with ideas, not all of them work but they don't give up. They need to mean business in order to stay in business. 

It was so easy for me to love Maddie, she's sweet, kind, fun and hates confrontation, plus she loves to bake! How could I not love her? She has a wonderful relationship with her dad, visiting him nearly everyday to take him delicious desserts and to catch up with a cup of tea. Reading those visits just made me happy. I loved that she always had time for him and put him and his happiness first. Definitely more qualities about her to love. Maddies co workers were great too, the fact that she has Mags who is older than her, to offer comfort and support, as well as help her with the books and Victoria, who is younger and a star in the making, made for fun conversations, The events that were taking place in their lives too added to the story and that feeling of being able to connect to all that was happening inside of the teashop. Then there is Maddies friend, from the salon, Nicky, who is just a hoot. She's loud, flirty but also a little vulnerable too. I loved the closeness of her and Maddie as well as their wine and ice cream nights!!  

In addition to Maddie's friends, we also meet Caleb. He's a teaching assistant, with a four year old daughter, who's recently divorced. Did I mention he's adorable and sexy at the same time? Jennifer Joyce has a way of making the men so sweet and cute but also so swoon worthy too. I couldn't help but blush the same way Maddie does when Caleb speaks to her, even when he's just saying normal, everyday things! Their relationship had me giggling at times but also sat with a big cheesy grin on my face, thinking about how sweet romance can be. Ahh love!!

In conclusion, I am genuinely sad that I have finished this book, even though I sat reading it for two and a half hours on a Friday night. Really, what do I expect to happen? It was warm, cozy, funny, lovely and oh yeah, full of the most delicious cakes and treats imaginable. In fact I'm going to give you a helpful tip before you read the book. BUY CAKE AND TEA AND LOTS OF IT FIRST. ;)

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Happy Reading!


  1. Sounds like a really cosy good read. Sounds very similar to The Cupcake Cafe book.

    1. It is a lovely book! You should definitely pick up a copy if you love the cute, cozy, fun reads! :)