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Two weeks ago, we were invited to go and sample some Popcorn flavours at The Chef Inspired Popcorn Company in Tampa. We were so excited, as who doesn't love digging into a bag of delicious Popcorn? The smell alone brings back so many happy childhood memories of Cinema trips and fun fairs! 

Upon our arrival we met the lovely owner, Lizette. We hit it off right away and chatted about Lizette's inspiration behind creating her very own soda shop style Popcorn shop. We found out, that while already a fan of making her own popcorn at home with her daughter, when Lizette was diagnosed as a Celiac a few years ago, she realized that she didn't have as many snack options as she used to. However, the Popcorn she and her daughter loved was perfect, so they decided to experiment and create more flavours to enjoy.

After taking their creations to her daughters Softball games and getting rave reviews about their Popcorn. Lizette decided to take it further and open up her own shop! We loved it right away. It definitely has that 50's vibe with the checkered black and white flooring, cute signs and giant tubs of Popcorn stacked on the shelves, like an old fashioned candy shop. We took so many pictures and made sure to look at every little detail.

Lizette has the cutest packaging available for gifts. And with Valentine's day coming up, we think it makes such a unique alternative to a box of Chocolates. You can get your choice of Popcorn in bags, small, medium or large, mason jars or red tins that are just perfect for this holiday. If you have trouble deciding on what flavour to pick, which we imagine you might, you can always pick up a sample box, which has eight different Popcorn samples for you to try. After telling Lizette how much our Grandad loves Popcorn, and that his 91st birthday is coming up, she ever so kindly offered to ship him one of these boxes, which honestly bought tears to our eyes. Her kindness meant so much, as does the picture of our Grandad receiving such a treat! Our sister, Jen, reported back, the parcel got to them on Saturday and Grandad cried and was incredibly touched by this gift. He was so grateful for people thinking of him. So, thank you again Lizette, you are the absolute best.

What did we sample? We were lucky enough to sample the Salted Caramel, Lemon, Truffle and Lovers Mix. All of which were delicious. We both loved the Lemon, who would have thought! :p It was sweet but not too sweet and my goodness did it taste like a lemon pie. We devoured the bag within three days, we just couldn't stop eating it. Furthermore, you can't go wrong with salted caramel, you just can't and as for the Truffle, we were both pleasantly surprised. We haven't had many things with Truffles before, let alone Popcorn but it taste amazing. If you are more of a savory person then this would be right up your street. It was like dinner flavours in a convenient snack! 

Last but not least, we had the Lovers Mix, which we're sure you'll agree would make a perfect gift for Valentines Day. This one is Cherry and Chocolate and the little bag we bought home, didn't last very long at all! How cute would this look in a mason jar with a balloon and pretty card on Valentines Day? Not only that, but it makes the perfect snack for cuddling up and watching a romantic movie! That's Valentines Day sorted!! :) 

We have never had so many different flavours of Popcorn before and it was so much fun trying them. We can't say Thank you enough to Lizette for inviting us to her shop. We loved meeting her and chatting with her. The best part (besides the taste testing) was seeing the genuine passion she had for what she does. We could tell how much all she wants to do is make people happy with her Popcorn creations. That was obvious the moment she said she would send Grandad a parcel and through watching her interacting with her customers. Spreading happiness is such an important thing to us, so we honestly can't say enough good things about The Chef Inspired Popcorn Company. 
Be sure to visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram! Show them some love! :) 

Grandad looking all cute opening his birthday present! :)

Have a great day! 

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