Own it.

Last week as I was sat listening to the 'Walking on Sunshine' movie soundtrack (for about the 5th time that week) it occurred to me that at 28 years old there are still a lot of things I do that I should probably lock away in my mind under 'guilty pleasures' and not tell anyone about. Sometimes I do, wear or say things that don't help my case of trying to adult and 'act' or look my age, but you know something? Who cares? It occurred to me that no matter how I dress or what I say it seems people are always going to think that I'm 16 years old, so today I feel like embracing all the things I do that may be considered 'not age' appropriate and share them with you.

1. I still go through celebrity crush phases where I become slightly obsessed with people for a certain amount of time, just as I did when I was at school.
After watching Walking on Sunshine for the second time on Boxing Day and then again just the other day, it's safe to say that I am currently a little obsessed with Giulio Berruti. He's an Italian actor who is ridiculously beautiful. Google him...seriously...I'll wait!! Not only is he gorgeous but he seems really sweet and smart too which makes him ten times more appealing. Plus, I now have a new way of learning Italian...watching countless interviews of his! ;p

2. I love wearing tops that represent things that I like.
I think it's fun to wear something that shows people what I like, be it a bookworm shirt, Captain America top or my awesome new Chuck t-shirt that Lucy got me for Christmas. Fashionable is always something I dream of being, alas it's definitely not something that comes naturally to me. I just love being comfortable and cozy and if it's got Zachary Levi's face on it...even better.

3. I will admit I still call my Mum and Dad, Mummy and Daddy on occasion.
I can't help this when I am at home. I don't say it in public but if I'm running up the stairs to my bedroom at night I will often shout down 'Night Mummy.' I don't care how old I am, I seriously have the best parents in the world and when I'm around them I'm safe, content and happy, so sometimes that just slips out. The same can be said for Mum cuddles...I think that you're never too old for them!

4. I giggle or laugh when I'm nervous or don't know what to say.
We all do this don't we? I can't help it, especially at work when I'm with a customer. If I've finished helping them, I'll say something but then end with a little laugh, or if someone says something and I don't know how to respond, it just happens. I try to be more conscious of it and stop it but it's just me.

5. We still travel with our teddy bears.
Yes, you read that right, but we will not be hanging our heads in shame, no we are standing tall. Our teddy bears have been with us since the day we were christened and we can't be without them. We admit it can be quite the funny sight going through security and having to move our teddies out the way to get to our laptops, but we will deal with the odd funny look because we simply can not leave them behind. And they most definitely can not go in the suitcases in case they get lost. Hand luggage it always is! :)

Do you do any of the above? Or are there things that somewhat still take you back to acting like your old teenage self?

Have an awesome Monday.


  1. I love this post Kelly!! Owning who your are is the best thing you can do. I think I will always have celebrity crushes (like Tom Hiddleston who is basically prince charming.)I love taking soft toys on planes too! I have a habit of picking one up when I travel, mainly for the cuddles on the plane ride home :) I can't ever hide my excitement for Marvel movies, I get so giddy because I love it! Awesome post!
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. Thanks so much for reading it Steph! It's so awesome when you find people who are like you too! :) There is nothing wrong with celeb crushes and excitement over things you love, I think it just makes life more fun! :)
      Kelly xxx

  2. Ahh, I'm the same way with a lot of these things! :) I just can't get myself to let go of the 12 year old in me (hence I still have a Spice Girls obsession). I definitely understand wanting to wear t-shirts of the things you love. I do that too but find myself mainly wearing them at home for lounge-wear. I do have a pizza shirt (from Old Navy!) that I wear a lot in public but it fits kinda big, which I'm sad about.

    Also, I love that you still travel with your teddy bear- I just keep all my stuffed toys safely put away in a big bag in the garage (although I feel sad sometimes that they might be suffocating- as you can tell, Toy Story really had an affect on me haha). Good to hear you make sure your teddy bear is safe in the carry-on luggage as I too would definitely be afraid to lose it! On my first trip to Ireland my luggage was lost and it had a jacket I never wore and one pair of my favorite boots- I was SUPER mad and sad about it so I can only imagine how I'd feel if it had been a childhood toy!!


    1. Hey Victoria, Apologies for the late reply but thank you for reading! I think the Spice Girls are awesome no matter what age you are. I haven't listened to them for a while, actually not since me and Luc did a goofy YouTube video for 90's songs, but as soon as you hear the first notes of a song, boy do the memories start flooding back. We bought platform shoes for a school disco once because of Baby Spice. :p

      That must have been horrible, we always get scared about loosing luggage, on a trip to America a few years back, Lucy got her bag but you know how they do checks sometimes? well whoever checked her bag must have forgot to put certain things back and she didn't find out till we got to our apartment that her underwear bag and a bunch of clothes were missing! A lot of our old beanie babies are in cupboards at home but our two special teddies go everywhere with us! :p And don't worry, Toy Story...we get you! ;p