Keep Smiling.

Today's post is rather simple and stems from me thinking a lot about how two small words can really have a positive affect on your life.

These two words were said to us during each visit to, and written on every birthday and Christmas card we ever received from, our Mum's friend Harry. He was 98 years old when he passed away, four years ago, but his words still remain with us daily. 

Today I'm not focusing on smiling through bad times or trying to make the most of things when you really don't feel all too great, even though sometimes it can really help to change your mood. Instead, I wanted to focus on smiling when you are out and about doing your day to day activities, errands or jobs. 

Socializing isn't always fun. Once I get talking to people I can be quite happy and bubbly and look like i'm in my element, however, I will admit, that isn't the whole truth. Leaving the house to visit crowded malls, walking into the cinema when people are already sat down or even just going to a busy grocery store, can often leave me wanting to stay in my pajamas and curl up on my couch deep in my own little book world. But recently I've been thinking about those moments when I do actually have to interact with people and how nice it is and not really very scary at all. It's actually not too difficult to greet people with a smile and a Good Morning/Afternoon or Hello! 

It's so easy to keep our heads down and not really pay attention or look at people, but when you actually do, it can be so rewarding. Seeing other people react to a smile and an acknowledgement can make your day. After all, a lot of the time, I bet they were feeling the exact same way as you about leaving their house! Think about it!

We have grown up walking into shops with our Mum where she knows everyone. We laugh because going to Tesco isn't just a simple in and out job, it's a 'How are the kids?' 'How are your Mum and Dad?' 'Any holidays planned this year?' kind of ordeal. But over the years we've learnt to appreciate just how much Mum's chattiness and bright, happy manner affects those around her. 

Harry and Nanna back in 2012, always smiling and making others smile too!

Heeding Harry's famous words, no matter how nervous or anxious we may be in social situations, we always try to offer a smile and a hello. So much so that one of our favourite places to be is the gym, not only because we like to workout but because over the course of the last few months, just by smiling and saying Hi, we have made friends with so many people there. Now when we walk in, we can't go two steps without having a chat with someone or waving and smiling at our new friends or people who are yet to become our friends and you know what? It feels great! It really makes our day brighter. The smiles and the little chats help us keep a positive mind frame and we feel better doing our workouts. 

So, in short. No matter how scary the outside world can often be, we really don't know what other people are going through, they could be in the same boat as you or not. They could be too busy or too shy. They could just need a friendly face or kind reminder to open their eyes and see what's in front of them. Whatever it is, a lot of things can be solved if you remember to just....


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