Collaboration with Hello Steph! Protein Bar swap.

You probably know by now that I like a good protein bar, last year I tried and tested many. Now I have a bunch of go to brands that I love when in need of a quick protein snack that tastes delicious. My gym buddy Steph, from Hello Steph, and I, are always sharing food inspiration and informing each other of treats we've tried or recipes we have come across. It helps to keep me motivated, especially since Steph is amazing at taking pictures and always leaves my mouth watering with her healthy eats. When chatting last year about certain protein bars, we realized that there were a few that I loved that Steph didn't have in New Zealand and ones that Steph loved that I couldn't get here in the States. And so, our protein swap was born. We each sent each other 5 protein bars that the other had never tried before. Here you can get my verdict on what New Zealand has to offer in the form of protein bars and you can head over to Steph's blog to see what she thought of some of my favourite protein bars available in the USA. 

Protein Bar: Fudge and Espresso.
Rating 3/5
The macro's in these bars were great, with just 10g carbs, 3g fat and 15g protein and the taste was pretty yummy. You really got the coffee kick in the espresso one and the chocolate fudge was lovely and chocolaty. My reason for the 3 rating is that I didn't quite care for the texture. They were quite chewy and hard to eat. 
Justine's cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate fudge.
Rating 4.5/5
These I loved. I loved the flavor in both the chocolate fudge and the peanut butter and I also loved that they are wheat and gluten free. The macro's were pretty awesome too, with each cookie giving you 19g carbs, 13.5g fat and 16g protein. I loved the little peanut butter chips in the peanut butter one and the chocolate fudge was extremely chocolaty but not overly sweet. The only thing I will say is that they were a tad dry. But all in all, they were so flavorful and made for the perfect cookie snack.

Em's power cookies, chocolate oat explosion and Protein FX, Lo carb, chocolate caramel.
Rating Power cookie: 5/5
Rating lo carb: 4/5

The chocolate oat explosion was incredibly delicious. I love anything oaty and it was really, really good. With it being higher in carbs I ate it after training legs with my brother and it definitely hit the spot. The protein FX bar was great to have on hand on a day when I was in need of something sweet, I love caramel so I liked that I could turn to something that was better for me than an everyday chocolate caramel bar. It had a nice flavor and was just the right size before it got too sweet. It was quite gooey, but tasty all the same.  
I have to say I was very impressed with the selection that Steph sent me. All the bars were made in New Zealand with quality ingredients that you could really taste. The cookies were probably one of the healthiest options being low sugar, high fiber and gluten free and I really liked that they were light and still bursting with flavor. They taste healthy but in an awesome way, if that makes sense? :p Em's Power Cookie would definitely be an awesome snack to have on hand when in need of an energy boost, maybe if you are out and about running errands or especially when you are working out. As for the other more chocolaty treats, I always like having protein bar options for when my sweet tooth kicks in. Half a protein bar or the snack size lo carb bar means you don't have to stray from your clean eats in order to enjoy dessert.
Thank you so so much to Steph for doing this collaboration with me. I had a blast as always. You are awesome and I love working with you! :) Be sure to check out Steph's blog for her take on USA protein bars and you can also check out mine and Steph's previous collaboration: Top 5 gym exercises here
Have an amazing day everyone and let me know what your favourite protein snacks are in the comments below!

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