Clean eats: Waffle edition!

Last year I came across Kodiak Cakes thanks to watching Nikki Blackketter, and after trying their Buttermilk pancake mix for the first time, they quickly became a staple in my household.  They have a variety of different mixes from Buttermilk to Peanut Butter to Dark Chocolate, the dark chocolate being mine and Chris' favourite. Each mix is amazing, protein packed and uses whole grains. My husband and I became addicted. Chris and I would look forward to weekend mornings were we could curl up and whip up some delicious, fluffy Kodiak cakes and chill, those were mornings I would treasure. I would definitely say Chris and I were a pancake family, though at times I would mention to him that I wish we could experiment making waffles. I blame my friend, Steph, for this, as she is always sharing scrumptious looking homemade waffle pictures over on her awesome blog. I never ventured out to buy a waffle maker though as Chris seemed content with pancakes and our kitchen isn't very big. I already have plenty of kitchen appliances, so my waffle dreams drifted to the way side. That was until...

Banana and Nutella!

...I returned home from my Christmas vacation to find a package on my doorstep. (Kelly too) A package from Kodiak Cakes. I was curious to say the least, excited, but curious. I didn't recall winning a prize and I hadn't been in touch with them about the blog, so why did I have a parcel? Upon opening our boxes we each found a note that read 'Thank you for supporting Kodiak Cakes this year. From the Kodiak cakes team.' along with a box of dark chocolate mix and...AND...a waffle maker. Needless to say Kelly and I were floored. Absolutely floored by there generosity and kindness. I have not stopped using it this past week and a half, I positively LOVE it. Today in saying thank you to the incredibly sweet, awesome and thoughtful team at Kodiak cakes, I thought I would share some of the toppings I have been enjoying on my waffles. I have to say it has been helping me get back on track with enjoying protein packed, healthier breakfasts.

Mars protein bar and melted peanut butter.

Along with the very obvious and must have topping of banana and Nutella, I couldn't resist trying this delightful topping of half a mars protein bar and melted peanut butter. Oh my goodness, heaven. I had been wanting to try these protein bars forever and recently found them in WHSmiths while home, this felt like the perfect time to try it out. I have seen a lot of people on Instagram chop up protein bars and add them to their breakfasts and I must say it's a winner. And you just can't go wrong with melted peanut butter. I feel this is the perfect breakfast to fuel a busy day or it would make an awesome post workout meal! :) 

Sugar free syrup.
Simple yet so delicious drizzled over a fluffy hot waffle. I love having sugar free syrup now, it's lovely and sweet with way less calories than regular syrup and is great for keeping this meal macro friendly.

Other waffle topping ideas:
Yoghurt and berries.
Strawberries and whipped cream.
Greek yoghurt and granola.
Halo top ice cream, or any ice cream, but that's just my favourite! :)
What is your favourite waffle topping?

Thank you so so much again to the wonderful team at Kodiak Cakes for such a sweet and thoughtful gift! :)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. These look amazing!!! That was so lovely of them to send you a waffle maker, I knew you would love having one :D I'm going to have to pick up a tonne of this mix when I visit the states next!
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. They taste so good Steph! :) Haha, I am obsessed with it now, I even made some just this morning! :) Ooh you will have to try their peanut butter ones and buttermilk mix too, but the dark chocolate is our favourite! :) xxx

  2. I feel like I have seen this mix at Target and now after seeing your delicious pictures, I'm going to have to give this a try!

    I found you guys through Steph, as I love her blog! It's so funny to come across you girls as my boyfriend is a professional wrestler as well! I never trained or anything but did some managing and ring announcing for a bit. Looking forward to following your blog!

    Katie |

    1. Yes, Target is the only place we can ever find it! :) It's awesome!

      Aww Steph is amazing, we love her blog too! We just checked out yours too and have to say we love it. We're loving all the geeky stuff and that Harry Potter blanket, we want it! :p Aww that's awesome that you got to manage and ring announce, we hope you enjoyed it! :)
      Aww looking forward to following yours too! xxx

    2. Oh, thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. You'll have to learn to knit and make one! It's such a fun and relaxing hobby once you get the hang of it! :) xx