Cheesy Movie Must Watches.

You know those days where it's sunny and frosty or sunny and just a tad warm, but just the sight of the sunshine peeking through the clouds makes you smile and feel happy? We love those moments and often find we get the same feeling when we watch a movie we like or listen to music we love. They are the happy, carefree moments in life when we just feel inspired and so thankful for life and all that is around us.

That may seem like a strange way to introduce today's post, about girly night movies you must watch, but trust us, watch them and we guarantee you will be smiling, dancing, singing and just feeling that happy, sunny feeling we mentioned above. While life has it's ups and downs, isn't it a wonderful thing that these movies are there to make us feel like that? So we say, embrace the cheesy lines and the predictable romance, join in with the singing and dancing and swoon till your hearts content at the totally gorgeous leading men coming out of the sea! (See Walking on Sunshine!) Just be happy and enjoy!

Walking on Sunshine!
You will probably have seen us tweet about this movie a lot in the past few weeks, if you have us on twitter, @theblossomtwins ;) We bought it for our Mum a few years ago for Christmas, as it seemed right up our alley. It's like Mama Mia but set in Italy, so we couldn't resist. We loved it then but remembered it being very cheesy, albeit still enjoyable. This past Christmas however, we just felt like watching it again and so we did...twice in one week. Yes it's still as cheesy as we remember but we love it! We have been listening to the soundtrack non stop since we got back to America and it seems so funny to us that a movie set in the summer now reminds us of Christmas and what a wonderful time we had at home. The actors are great, the songs are perfect, the scenery is gorgeous and it stars Giulio Berruti, see our 'Own It' post from last week for more about him!! If you want to put your worries aside and just smile and think happy, this is definitely the movie you want to watch! Note from Kelly: I have also watched the whole movie again on YouTube since getting back to the states and now I catch my husband singing the songs too! :p

Chalet Girl!
In the midst of not feeling great last week, we were sat curled up on the couch going through Netflix, trying to find something fun to watch. We had been seeing Felicity Jones everywhere because of Star Wars and really like her, so when we saw Chalet Girl come up, we thought why not!? It wasn't the first time we were watching it though, oh no, it was actually the third. But isn't it great when there are certain movies that you can just watch over and over and they never get old? We knew everything that was coming but still found ourselves laughing and smiling at the events taking place at this beautiful Chalet. Not only is Felicity Jones awesome in this movie, but it also stars Bill Nighy, who is brilliant in it. Then there is Ed Westwick, who in this movie is a rich guy who isn't like the rest of the rich people...of course, and admittedly we were swooning...just a little! ;) We are definitely glad we watched it again. It's always nice to find new things you appreciate about things you already love!

Grease 2!
Come on now, this is a classic! OK so it may not be as much of a classic as the original but still, it is pretty awesome! While there's no Grease Lightening and Summer Lovin', who can go bowling now without thinking of  'Let's bowl, let's bowl, lets rock and roll?' What about looking at a motorcycle without thinking about wanting a 'Cooooool Rider, if he's cool enough, he can burn me through and through...' ahem, it's not just us, surely?? The songs are just as catchy, seriously, we know all the words, and when it's on TV we can't help but watch it. Another reason we love it so much is that ourselves and our sister Jen, will often start singing the songs at the most random times, if someone says something that triggers a word, it just happens. Then we laugh and continue singing some more! 'I'll be yours in Springtime, when the flowers are in bloom..." OK moving on! :p

What are your go to movies or movies that you love but feel are overlooked or underrated? Let us know so we can watch them too! :)

Happy Friday! Hope it's a great one!


  1. I'm so happy to see Grease 2 on here! So many people either never knew about it or don't like but I love it! :)

    1. How can people not know about it!!!?? Hahaha!! The songs are catchy and it's so much fun! We love watching it when it's on TV! Thank you for reading! :) xx