Book Review: The Wedding Date by Jennifer Joyce.

Release Date: 28th March 2016.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @Writer_Jenn @HQDigitalUK

I am in love with this book!! Seriously, I can not tell you enough how much I enjoyed it! You know when you read a book and it's like it speaks to you? Well, this is exactly how I felt with The Wedding Date. I haven't stopped smiling since I read it and come to think of it, didn't stop smiling the whole way through reading it. I just can not get Delilah James and her friends out of my head!!
The best part about it is, I am a huge sucker for romance stories, the girl falling for the cute guy etc and while this book has plenty of that, I found myself loving Delilah and her story telling the most! More on that in a minute! First, the story...

Delilah James is 24, she works as admin in a biscuit factory with terrible bosses who have even terrible offspring. The only joy she gets at work is having a laugh with the social media guy Adam. She lives at home with her Mum, Dad and little brother, spends most of her free time pretending to work out or in the pub with her best friends Lauren and Ryan. She is also still hung up on her ex even though they broke up, well he broke up with her, 9 months ago. So when a friend invites Delilah to her wedding and breaks the news that Ben is going to be there and he won't be alone, what else can Delilah do except say she will happily be there with her gorgeous new boyfriend too? The only problem is, she doesn't have one. Cue project Wedding Date!!
Now back to Delilah and her story telling. I absolutely loved the way Jennifer Joyce wrote this story in first person because it's just perfect, I fell for Delilah's character within the first few sentences. She is huh-freaking-larious!! Straight away I adored her funny, bubbly, quick witted personality. It's really hard not to. I generally felt like she was real and talking to me, the dialogue is that spot on, so it's safe to say that I'm sad I've finished it and really just want to jump back into her world again.
Not only do we have Delilah though, we have her best friends, who are just as awesome too. She's known Lauren for years and they are there for each other no matter what. Ryan is tons of fun, he's a joker but also super loyal and sweet. He's a P.E teacher and handsome but I loved that when I thought "oh I know what's going to happen" it didn't!!!! NO SPOILERS!!! ;)
The back and forth banter between the three friends as well as their frequent visits to the local pub had me wanting to be apart of their group. Who knows I may even end up being good at pub quizzes!!!
On top of all this, there are terrible, yet hilarious (sorry Delilah) dates, lots of yummy biscuit descriptions and I can't forget Adam, lovely, lovely Adam!! What?? If you want to find out about him, you have to read the book, I told you no spoilers!!!
This book really had it all...Romance, comedy, laugh out loud moments, frustrating moments, drama, friendship, loyalty, biscuits, can't forget the biscuits. Ooh and a really cool dessert cafe that I really want to visit! If you are looking for a light hearted, funny, romance, I can't recommend "The Wedding Date" enough. Get yourself a copy and excuse me while I go and publicly beg Jennifer Joyce on Twitter for a sequel!!!

Happy Reading!

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