Book review: Midnight and Mistletoe by Rebecca Raisin.

Release Date: 22nd December 2016.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum @hqdigitaluk

So here it is, the final installment in Rebecca Raisin's delightful Christmas series. I can't quite believe that Christmas is over and that I have read all three of these books already. It feels like yesterday that we were singing around our apartment and announcing their release! My how time flies!

In book three 'Midnight and Mistletoe,' Clio is gearing up for Christmas with her family and friends, as well as looking forward to the new year and the bookings that have already started coming in for weddings at Cedarwood lodge. Before the weddings though, Clio has a big new years eve party to plan on short notice and she also has to see how Christmas goes with her Mum. Things are still a bit of a strain between them and now to top it all off, Clio is hiding the fact that Isla found the maze in the grounds of Cedarwood, that seems to upset her Mum so much. Not telling her doesn't feel right, but Clio doesn't want to ruin Christmas, so she keeps it to herself for the time being. At least she thinks that's the case, what she doesn't expect is for Isla to tell her Mum herself, in a burst of excitement about what she's found in the garden she keeps. How will Clio's Mum react? Is this going to push them further apart or can Clio finally help her Mum mend old wounds? If that wasn't enough on her plate, everyone at Cedarwood is happy and loved up apart from Clio. She's enjoying seeing so much romance in the air but while her and Kai have exchanged a few kisses here and there, she is still as confused as ever and doesn't know what to do. Can she finally tell him how she feels or will he leave after new year and she have left it too late?
This was a wonderful last installment from Rebecca Raisin's Cedarwood Lodge series. All of the individual stories I had been so eager to see come together did, in a very lovely and emotional way. I was happy to finally find out what had happened all those years ago at Cedarwood to make Clio's Mum so closed off and cold. It was a heartbreaking story but I was glad to see Clio able to help her Mum in small ways so that their relationship could move forward, as there really was so much love between the two of them.
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing each relationship in this story blossom, especially Armory and Cruz's. They both seemed so sweet together. I liked that they were taking baby steps to give each other a little of what they both wanted to make things work between them. As for Clio and Kai...will they, won't they? You have to read to find out!!
My favourite character I have to say would be Aunt Bessie, she was so vibrant and kind that I couldn't help but just love her. To me she was the positivity in the room, someone who just wanted everyone to be happy and eat her delicious doughnuts. Everything from her clothes, to her make up, to her talent for magnificent doughnut towers, had me smiling and wishing I could help her in the kitchen baking her famous treats! I couldn't promise half of the doughnuts would make it to the shop front though!
Rebecca Raisin has a knack for creating wonderful little towns full of amazing people who you just want to get to know and then never leave. Spending Christmas and New Year at Cedarwood lodge was a bookworm's paradise, which I'm certain you will enjoy all year round. I for one can not wait for Rebecca's next book. She is a book lovers dream! :) Get 'Midnight and Mistletoe' here!

Happy Reading!

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