Book Review: The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin.

Release Date: 16th October 2015.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK
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Hmm where do I even begin?? I have been excited about this book since I finished reading "Secrets at Maple Syrup farm." I couldn't wait to see what Rebecca Raisin had in store for us next and when the cover was revealed, well...just WOW. That alone was enough to prompt a happy dance and squeals of glee! 

I was so excited to be back in Sarah's world, as after reading "The Bookshop on the corner," I believe I found my book soulmate, my perfect character who I just connected with from the start. This time we follow Sarah as she steps out of her comfort zone, her little bookshop in Ashford, leaves the safety net of her best friends and takes the trip she's only dreamed of to Paris, to take over her friends Bookshop on the Seine. What could be more perfect than Paris at Christmas time while working in a world famous, historical book haven? 
Not everything goes quite as smoothly as Sarah would have hoped though, she has to deal with new staff, a very old building and most importantly being away from her very own "book hero" boyfriend Ridge. Beneath the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower and the glistening white snow will Sarah be brave enough to continue her adventure, accept her long distance relationship and stand up for herself? All questions you must find out with this charming story! 
I loved this book, I mean really loved it, so much so that I pranced, yes pranced around my bedroom as my husband was waking up, in what I call my "happy book dance." No really! It just made me so happy and gave me this smiley, giddy feeling. I felt so connected to Sarah's world and truly relate to Sarah that any big moment or sense of achievement she had, rubbed off on me. She is a shy, small town bookworm who struggles to stand up for herself and be confident in herself, sometimes I struggle with those things too so when she succeeded, I felt a surge of confidence in me, like if Sarah can do it, then so can I! I also fell in love with "Once upon a time," the bookshop on the Seine, at first the crazy staff, the old building and busyness of the shop had me running back to the cozy fireplace in the reading room of Sarah's bookshop in Ashford but slowly this small piece of Paris won me over and I found myself wanting to discover every themed room, every staircase and bookshelf. I wanted to be one among the staff, taking extra long lunch breaks to walk the Champs Elysee, discovering the side streets of Paris and watching the Eiffel Tower as the snowfalls and tourists and locals do their Christmas shopping. This book is a dream, an adventure and pure Romance and I don't just mean the relationship between Sarah and Ridge, I mean the Romance of Paris, of discovery, of Christmas, of meeting new friends. It's the perfect story to snuggle up with and dream!
Rebecca Raisin stunned me from the very first sentence of Sarah's first story (The Bookshop on the corner) with how much she captured the essence of a true bookworms love of books, it's simply beautiful the way she describes how much books mean to Sarah and the true magic of getting lost in a good book. I guarantee you will find that magic with this book, every true bookworm can relate to her words! :)

Lucy: If there was ever a book that 100% encompassed being a book worm, then this is it. Sarah became my favourite character ever when I first encountered her in The Bookshop on the Corner, upon reading The Little Bookshop on The Seine that was undoubtly confirmed and I don’t think I have ever hugged my kindle so tight. The way in which Rebecca Raisin writes the wonderful Sarah is truly captivating for a book lover like me. Sarah is shy, sweet as can be and adores living life through the pages of her beloved books. She also owns a lovely bookshop and spends her days amongst her friends, (the books of course) helping people meet their perfect book and day dreaming about Mr Rights and leading ladies. In The Bookshop on the corner, we meet Sarah and follow her story in meeting her own, real life Mr Right and her quest to figure out if he is everything her fictional heroes portray…or so much more. In The Little Bookshop on the Seine, we find Sarah in a little bit of a rut, she feels slightly bored in her hometown of Ashford, her bookshop isn’t bringing in many customers and her ‘so much more’ than a fictional boyfriend, Ridge, is always away with work. She takes up a friends request in swapping bookshops for a few months and ends up in France. For Sarah this is a huge deal, she is not your outgoing type, she is used to the confines of her book worlds and doesn’t venture out all too often. Though she is determined to make the most of Paris and her adventure. We get to go on this beautiful journey with her, of standing up for herself, getting a newfound confidence, experiencing Paris and all its little quirks, making new friends, a few ups and downs with Ridge and becoming a part of the most amazing bookshop in the world. There is a line in the book where Sarah talks about books finding you when you need them most and as I sat on the beach in St Pete Florida discussing plans for the future and making big changes and steps with my husband, I couldn’t have agreed more. Many a book has had this effect on me in the past, I always felt that books had this ability and at that point in time The Little Bookshop on the Seine was connecting with me in this such way. I felt a kinship with Sarah and how she had taken a risk and stepped out of her comfort zone and was making the most of her situations. It made me want to be somewhat fearful and relax, to breathe and know that if you work hard and stay positive, be true to who you are, then you really can get through anything and make life work for you. It was simply very inspiring to me.
I think my absolute favourite part of this book has to be ‘Once upon a time’ the bookshop Sarah goes to work in in Paris. Be still my beating heart. Please just take me there now!!!! Rebecca Raisin truly creates this most magical place and it just sounded like heaven. The characters that visit the bookshop, the writers, the history, and the rooms, it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Furthermore, the relationship Sarah has with writer Luiz, through whom she meets at the Bookshop and is a huge fan of, had me daydreaming about talking to the likes of Jack Kerouac and getting to discuss his works with him, and that honestly felt so special to me. It was like I could see this world so vividly because it was written in such a way that just oozed love towards words, stories and writing that I pictured the way I would feel working at this bookshop, who I would meet, what I would find and how it would impact me!

The Little Bookshop on The Seine is truly a delightful, magical read and it seems Rebecca Raisin just gets more and more wonderful and amazing with each and every book!

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Happy Reading! 

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