Book Review: How Not to be Starstruck by Portia MacIntosh.

Release Date: 31st March 2014.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @portiamacintosh @HQDigitalUK

Words fail me, but rest assured I mean this in a very positive way. I finished 'How Not to be Starstruck,' last night and as I turned my Kindle off I literally had this thought, 'Wow, well I can't dive into another book too soon, this one needs to sink in for a little while.' I can't help but think that as much as I enjoyed the story, it has more to do with Portia MacIntosh's writing, which I've mentioned before when reviewing her books. 
The best way I can explain her writing, is like I am listening to a stand up comedy show, only I'm not really, I'm reading a book. When I'm in her world, as crazy and wild as it may be, it's one hell of a ride. The funny thing is, her main female characters are nothing like me at all, which would make one think that it would be hard to relate to them or connect with them, but in actual fact, it's the complete opposite. I love them! I want to spend one day being their best friend, forgetting my worries or trying to be 'good' and just be free, wild and fun.

Let me tell you a little more about our leading lady in 'How Not to be Starstruck.' Nicole Wilde is 25 years old, she lives in a flat that her Dad and Mum are paying for, while they're in France with her dog and brother. She is a music journalist and writes for the online magazine she created, Starstruck. Her favourite thing to do is go on tour with her friends, who all happen to be in either up and coming bands or are already the most famous celebrities on the planet. Once a bander - think very loyal, slightly stalkerish kind of fan, she now goes on tour for fun, to party and of course write pieces for her magazine. Her life is one huge party and that's exactly how she likes it, that is until things start to go wrong for her, thanks to a bitchy employee, who she never even liked in the first place. All of a sudden Nicole finds herself on the wrong side of the camera and it turns out being famous isn't quite everything she wanted it to be.

I haven't even mentioned the boys in the bands in that description, but touring wouldn't be the same without hanging out with a few gorgeous, albeit slightly crazy boys now would it? Luckily for Nicole, she's been with these guys before they made it big, so they like having a face they know and a person they trust around. The flirting is just part of the fun. :p

This book is hilarious! Three pages in and I was wetting myself - figuratively of course. Nicole, like I said is not like me in any way shape or form but I couldn't help but find myself enamored with her and her lifestyle. She's always late, she's flirty, she's outspoken and she just wants to have a good time. Sometimes she came across a little rude but it was all part of who she was and she was never mean just to be mean. I couldn't help but smile at her naivety too, coming from the wrestling world and having mostly guy friends, I could understand how at home she was with her boys and how she loved them and didn't see anything wrong with how close they were. She would get herself into situations that to her were completely innocent because she only ever had good intentions, unless we're talking about a specific boy, which we're not, so yes it was all innocent and fun to Nicole.

What makes Nicole and this story even more interesting is the fact that Portia MacIntosh was a music journalist, so I think a lot of the stories she tells in this book are true in some shape or form. I'm not saying they all are but the fact that she has the inside scoop into the world she is writing about gives it a cooler element, as well as a 'No way, I can't believe this stuff actually happens!!!' element too!

I really felt like I had made a new friend in Nicole and had so much fun reading her story. I wanted to shake her at some points, laugh with her and drag her drunk behind home when things got too crazy. I missed her when I had busy days and didn't get chance to read and I was sad when I read the last page, that I jumped on Amazon the next day to buy 'Between a Rockstar and a Hard place' which is the prequel to 'How Not to be Starstruck.'

If you are looking for some light hearted, laugh out loud, comedy gold, then I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of Portia MacIntosh's books. Life is for living and being happy and her books will make you want to do both!

Happy Reading!

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