Book Review: Cloudy with a chance of Love by Fiona Collins.

Release Date: 21st July 2016.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @FionaJaneBooks @HQDigitalUK

Sigh!! When you are left with an empty whole in your heart and a sadness that can only come with saying goodbye to characters that you have been to the beach with, slept with, curled up with, laughed with, eaten with and have become completely besotted with! Fiona Collins succeeds again in bringing to life characters that you can't help but fall in love with, in her new book 'Cloudy with a chance of Love.'

In this book we meet Daryl Williams, a weather presenter who loves her job, her friends and her sweets. After twenty years of marriage, her husband has just run off with her, now ex, best friend. She's shed her tears and is ready to move forward with her life, after all, she still has her two wonderful friends Peony and Sam, her intelligent daughter Freya and her hunky next door neighbour Will to enjoy life with. The future seems bright, there is fun to be had and Daryl is ready for it. That is until Sam makes her read her fortune forecast and it looks like there is a 99% chance that Daryl will fall in love by Friday. What's a woman to do? Daryl doesn't want to fall in love again but then maybe she should take a chance anyway. If she doesn't find love, she can at least have a bit of fun along the way right?
If I could only describe this book in one word, which I'm not going to as I have too much to say, but theoretically, IF, it would be Entertaining! From start to finish, that is exactly what this book was. Fiona Collins has such a great voice that I feel like I want to describe reading her stories like skipping. I know you think I'm going crazy but bare with me. The whole way through this story, I just felt like I was skipping a long with Daryl, laughing, joking, diving into new experiences, cringing and just enjoying the journey. Think of how you feel when you skip. Happy, light, carefree! Personally there are only a few reasons why I would skip nowadays but reading a good book is one of them. You know what I mean, are you still with me? I'm talking about that, I'm reading or have just read a great book that's making me happy, I don't know what to do with myself, so I'm just going to skip feeling. We've all had them surely? Every chapter had something in it to smile about. Every character had a quirky characteristic, even the not so nice or attractive ones. So yes, skipping I feel is the word I'm using to describe how you will feel when you read Fiona's stories and I'm sticking to it!
I loved Daryl for so many reasons. She was quirky, confident in her own way, passionate about her job, comfortable with who she was and seemed to always look on the bright side of life. She had a very mature way of looking at situations but also allowed herself to have fun. I liked that she was very fashionable and even when she didn't feel 100% confident in what was going on, she knew how to dress to impress and always wore what she wanted. I liked how she tried new experiences and always gave things a go even if she was just doing it for her friends. She was an all around really great character that I thoroughly enjoyed curling up with. Another character I loved was, out of bounds, next door neighbour Will. He was gorgeous, I loved his manner and the way he was just a lovely guy in every way. His and Daryl's interactions with each other were so funny, that they had me laughing out loud every time.

Trust me when I say the forecast for you reading this book is Happiness with a 100% chance of skipping at the end of it!

Please go and get your copy now, available here!

Happy Reading!

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