5 Things we have learnt from blogging.

We've had our blog for over two years now. In that amount of time, we've made changes, improvements, upped the amount of blogs we write a week, added book reviews, new topics and seen our blog grow. Through all the scheduling, planning and making sure we keep up to the standards we have set for ourselves, one thing is for certain, we absolutely love having a blog and don't see that changing anytime soon.
One thing we have noticed in the past few months is how much elements of having a blog have crossed over into the other jobs that we do. So today we thought we'd share with you the things that we have learnt from blogging and the ways they have helped us in life.

1. Dedication.

We've always been very dedicated when it comes to the things we are passionate about and our blog is no different. Waking up extra early to make sure a post is published on time and that scheduled tweets are filled in before they go up, is all part of the job. The early starts might actually be one of our favourite things though, as we love our quiet time. We love having a cup of coffee in hand and checking over our posts again before they are published, before our husbands get up. It's also something that crosses over to the brand ambassador work that we do. We often have early starts with events we do and always make sure we are up with enough time to get all of our blog things sorted first, whilst still having time to eat breakfast and get ourselves ready. We are big on being at least 10 minutes early to everything, never late. Being early birds help.

2. Marketing.

OK, so we definitely don't have degrees in marketing and know all the ins and outs, but we do feel like being bloggers you have to have some degree of knowledge, or like us you pick it up a long the way. In the past two weeks, we have spoken to certain companies about the products they sell and how we can help them. In wasn't until we had these conversations that we realized a lot of the answers we gave them, came from how we market/promote our blog. All of us bloggers have to make sure we are on social media, we have to come up with graphics, pictures, catchy titles and creative ways for our blog to reach lots of people. Everyday we hustle so that we can see numbers go up and reach a bigger audience. Isn't that what companies do to grow their market and sell more products? (We will add that this doesn't apply to everyone. We don't always care about numbers. At the end of the day, we all do it because we love it and that's what matters most!)

3. Photography.

When we look back at some of our oldest blogs, it's amazing to see what pictures we used or how many we copied and pasted from google - hey, we're being honest. Within the last year though, and with a bunch of inspiration from so many awesome bloggers, we have learnt a lot about photos; where to take them, lighting, what looks cute, what doesn't, what people like most, how to add a girly touch to make a photo pop and so on. Instagram is our favourite app now and we get so excited by photo concepts and keeping it up to date. We love looking at our blog nowadays and it makes us so happy when we see how much our photos have improved, we still have a long way to go but we're enjoying this journey. In the 'real world' this helped us with a company when we posted a fun photo with their product while at the gym. They were very impressed with our picture, which felt really good.

4. Keeping up with trends.

While this may not be something we can 100% say we do all of the time. It is something, through having a blog, that we have been made more aware of. It's cool to see what other bloggers are talking about or even taking something from what's going on in the world and writing about it. This way you can connect to more people or reach more people, whether it be on social media or your blog comments. If it's a hot topic, the more people will want to engage with you or give you their thoughts and opinions.

5. Girl Power.

This is a HUGE one for us! Coming from a professional wrestling background, and being completely honest, we didn't always connect with the girls. Yes we had friends but we felt a lot more at home with the guys. To us the girls always acted like it was a competition and we often felt like it was a fight for the spotlight, which we didn't care for. We just wanted to have great matches and wrestle. It's not like they put people down, but it wasn't a case of lifting people up either. (This wasn't every girl we met. In our nine years we met some lovely women who we got on very well with and loved and felt we were on the same page with.) Our blogging experience has been completely different. We feel like we are surrounded by one big support system, full of awesome ladies who just want to spread positivity and kindness. Yes we all have blogs, but we all seem to understand that we are different. We can have similar ideas but it doesn't matter because nobody can write like you, because nobody is YOU. With this mutual understanding, there is nothing but a constant source of love and empowerment between the girls we have met through blogging. It helps us to go out there and be like that in every aspect of life. We aren't competing with anyone. We want everyone to succeed. #GRLPWR

What have you learnt through having a blog?

Have a great day!


  1. Hi :) I really love this post. I started my blog in 2014 and I didn't know anything... than, with year, I've learnt so many things: how to do good photos, edit them, set goals, plan and organize many things! Blogging is not easy :)


    1. Thank you Aisha! :) It definitely isn't easy when you do it properly and put all your love into it but it's so much fun learning new things! :)

  2. Fantastic post! I'm really loving your blog at the minute. Marketing is also something I really want to work on this year, I completely agree that it's something you pick up along the way, I've learnt loads from just running my own business x


    1. Aww thank you so much! We're glad you like what we're talking about at the moment. We appreciate the kind words! :) That's awesome that you run your own business! We love it when we automatically would think say on a job description that 'oh no we aren't qualified in that' or 'we don't know how to do that' but then realize it's exactly what we have been doing! :p
      Thank you again for reading! :)