Our Year in Review. 2016.

2016 has been a year full of new experiences, stepping out of our comfort zones and challenging ourselves like never before. We feel like we have accomplished so much in the past 12 months and thoroughly enjoyed looking back and thinking about some of our most favourite moments and proudest achievements.

It takes two!
Together we:
Moved to Florida with our husbands, after 6 years living in Louisville KY.
Stepped into retail again, working part time at Old Navy. Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. Lucky for us the people there are awesome! :)
Experienced working two part time jobs at the same time, at Spirit Halloween and Old Navy. Hustling and juggling two schedules at the same time forced us to grow and realize exactly what we are capable of.
Got to have our brother and sister stay with us and show them around Florida, when they surprised us back in September...best thing ever! Being able to bring them into the homes we have built in the USA and be the big sisters was so much fun.
Worked for PlayStation, T-Rowe Price, The Margarita Festival, Highlife magazine and Powercrunch. Fully day events, getting up at 4 in the morning and not getting home till 2 am the next day, road trips and meeting a bunch of new people, again forced us out of our comfort zones and has been invaluable in our growing.
Were able to work with some wonderful companies we love all because of our little blog, such as HQ
Digital, Crosta and Mollica, The Pro Bar, Blue Apron and Warner Brothers.
Had articles appear on Elite Daily.
Lucy's Highlights:
Getting back into the gym and being consistent/training with my brother. I have loved getting healthier and stronger and seeing what my body is capable of.
Finishing a rough draft of my book and being able to get advice and help from some amazing author friends.

Meeting Nikki Blackketter and attending BodyPower for the first time, back in May. She was absolutely lovely and so beautiful. This year she has kept me inspired and motivated.
Squatting 198lbs. (You can see this and my fitness journey and progress on my Instagram :lblossom)  
Celebrating 3 years married to the best husband in the world and going back to the place we got married. In addition to our RVA trip and coming home for the holidays and spending time with my family and in England together.

Meeting Heidi Somers in Tampa, Florida and getting to chat with her. She was so lovely and super inspiring.
Kelly's Highlights:

Going to see The Overtones preform on That's Entertainment, on the spur of the moment back in May. Seeing our Mum with a smile on her face from ear to ear when they were on stage was priceless and I love that going to see them is something we can enjoy together.

Meeting one of my favourite authors Holly Martin.

Moving to Florida with Lucy this time. Having her across the hall makes it so much better.

Improving our blog and working on YouTube with Lucy, we have had some hilarious times together filming certain videos this year, those moments are the best part about doing it.

Going to the mountains in Virginia with my husband and his family.

Reading so many wonderful, eye opening books this year. Some that have been sent to me that I wouldn't necessarily have picked but feel like they were meant for me.

Having a wonderful December full of so many awesome Christmassy things, as well as a great week in England with my husband, followed by another week of the best family time.

We are so grateful for all of these things and are looking forward to pushing ourselves and working even harder next year. We have bigger dreams and bigger goals that we can't wait to get stuck in to!

What are your goals for the New Year? What have been your highlights of 2016?

Have a happy and safe New Year!
Lots of Love
Lucy and Kelly

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