On our 8th Blog of Christmas: Manchester Christmas Markets.

Without fail every time we are home for the holidays we get super excited about making a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets. We never used to be huge fans of going, but the more we saw pictures of everyone with their mugs of hot chocolate and festive treats, getting in the Christmas spirit, we knew we had to make the effort and join in. It also feels extra special to us, as when we are away from home all year we long to wander around Manchester and catch up on all we have missed. In addition, it is especially fun for us to show our husbands how magical Manchester can be this time of year. Last year we enjoyed Nutella crepes and Bratwursts and this year we were just as keen to delve into some more delicious treats while taking a stroll around all the little stalls. So last Friday afternoon we headed into town, met up with our awesome friend Sam and tucked in to some holiday treats while having a mooch around and chatting away! :)

Kelly, me, Sam and Kelly's Chris. My Chris arrives this Thursday and I can't wait! :) 

You know the food huts are our favourite! :)

We chose a Bailey's Hot Chocolate, while Sam had Amaretto Hot Chocolate, both of which were delicious!

We couldn't resist trying the waffles and mini pancakes with Nutella. Mmmm waffles, it was so yummy!

Even with the piles and piles of Italian cakes we have at home, we still squeal with glee when we come across the Italian treats! :)

We had to pick up some Sfogliatelle for Nanna as it's her favourite!

Did you go to any Christmas markets this year? What's your favourite thing to eat or drink when you go?

Have a wonderful Monday!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. That waffle looks delish. I love the Christkindlmarket in Chicago. It's a traditional German Christmas market but has vendors from all over the world. Their mulled wine is wonderful. I went to the Dublin market last year just before Christmas and parts of it had already closed down. But I got 2 lovely gingerbread houses for a steal!

  2. Those places sound amazing! We would love to visit different Christmas markets around the world! :) We love Gingerbread too! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year! xx

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