On the 9th blog of Christmas: Getting into the Christmas Spirit!*

We have been well and truly full of festive cheer since the middle of November. We just couldn't resist putting up our Christmas trees early this year and enjoying the build up to Christmas with our husbands, in America, before coming home to England for the holidays. It has been so much fun, because while we are usually 1st December kind of people for starting everything Christmas, doing things that little bit earlier has meant we have fit so much more of our favourite festive things into our holiday season. Plus, we got home early enough this year to put up our childhood Christmas tree with our little sister and start the festive proceedings all over again with everyone in England. Today we thought we would share a few things that have bought joy to our worlds and helped us get into the Christmas Spirit this year.

Christmas movies!*

We started off our Christmas movie watch list with 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,' it just wouldn't be Christmas without it. It actually became a family tradition a few years ago to watch it every Christmas, because it's a movie that our Dad finds hilarious and that Mum will sit and watch too, which makes it perfect in our eyes. It never gets old and is just an all round awesome movie. Another movie that we watched just last week, while snuggled up in our new Christmas pajama's, with our sister is 'Get Santa.' This is the first time we have seen this movie but we fancied something different and it was available to download on Sky. We started watching it, then a few minutes in Mum joined us, then after a few more minutes Dad did too. We can happily say that they both stayed till the end. It was such a fun movie that we were all laughing at the same parts and thoroughly enjoyed it. We love that it's British too, with some great British actors like Jim Broadbent and Warrick Davis. It's perfect for kids but also has humour that adults can enjoy too. Reindeer farts are funny to anyone right?! :) We will definitely be watching it again for Christmases to come. Two more movies that we are yet to watch but are on our lists are 'The Polar Express' and 'Jack Frost,' The latter we have seen before with our sister, but we hate to admit that we have never seen 'The Polar Express,' yet we keep hearing how amazing it is. We love Tom Hanks too, so this year it is a definite must watch for us. You can find all of these movies at http://store.hmv.com/gift-ideas-on-dvd-blu-ray/gifts-for-kids

British festive foodie must haves!

For all our fellow Brits out there, you know what we're talking about! The supermarket shelves being full to the brim with boxes of Celebrations, Roses and Quality Streets, Terry's Chocolate oranges, assorted biscuit tins, chocolate money and Mince pies. Maybe it's because we live in America or maybe it's just our passion for food and the little things in life, but without fail we can't help but stop to look at EVERYTHING on the Christmas aisles in Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons, while we're out shopping with Mum. These festive treats may be the same every year but that doesn't stop the squeals of delight and those warm fuzzy feelings in our hearts upon seeing them.

The Overtones!

Come on now people, you really didn't think we would get through our 12 blogs of Christmas without mentioning the wonderful, wonderful Overtones did you? After they released their own Christmas album (FINALLY) last year, it is now a permanent sound in our kitchen over the Christmas period. We talk about them constantly on twitter (apologies boys for that) but we can't help it, they make us so happy. The minute they start singing, we get warm, happy feelings inside, like every good memory we've ever had has just come to mind all at once! They are seriously that good! It actually made us smile so big when we got off the plane because we got into Mum's car and as soon as the car started so did their CD. Then later on when we went to see Nanna and Grandad and jumped into our sister's car, any guesses what was playing?? We are a Toner family for sure, which makes them that much more special. We listen to them, dance around the house, and sing our hearts out together as a family! What more could you want at Christmas time?!

What gets you into the Christmas Spirit? What are your favourite foods, movies and songs?

Have a very merry Wednesday!
Love Lucy and Kelly

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