On the 7th Blog of Christmas: Protein Christmas Treats!

I officially finished my cut on Tuesday and have to say that I feel good. We have been back home in wonderful Stockport for the past week and both my heart and my stomach are happy! Since I had the photo-shoot on Tuesday evening I have simply been intuitive eating and enjoying my Mum's delicious cooking and all the British/Italian treats that I miss when in the USA. I do feel that I am still in the mind frame of paying attention to what I eat, in that I don't wish to go overboard and ruin all the hard work I have been putting into a healthier lifestyle over the past 40 plus weeks. I have learnt so much during this year of hitting the gym hard, and especially over the past 5 weeks of doing my cut, that I still want to be mindful and continue to eat sensibly. Therefore, today I thought I would share some delicious Protein snacks perfect for the holiday season, that allow you to have fun and enjoy food while sticking to a healthier lifestyle.

1) Doughbar doughnuts.
I had been dying to try these doughnuts forever, after hearing so many awesome things about them and drooling over them on Instagram. So when they had a little sale over Thanksgiving I couldn't resist, and with my cut in full swing, it was definitely great timing. I went for the Nutella with Kit Kat crumbles, because...Nutella...and Kit Kat crumbles. :p The doughnut alone contains C 16g/ F4g P11g, which is pretty amazing. Throw on the glaze and crumble and you add C 8g/ F2g P0g. All in all I was able to fit them into my macro's really nicely. If you want to be more health conscious over the holiday season and you crave breads and cakes, then these doughnuts would be perfect. They taste more like a bread to me, with a hint of cinnamon. The glaze added that extra sweetness and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.
2) Homemade chex mix.
I love to snack. Hand me a tub of Cadbury's chocolate buttons and I could happily sit and eat the entire thing. I don't seem to have a 'full' button when it comes to chocolate treats. After having learnt more about macro's in the last few months, it can be a tad scary finding out just how much sugar and fats a whole bag of chocolate buttons contains though. No matter how delicious they may be, I  wanted to be able to indulge but in a healthier way. So I searched Pinterest and found a protein Chex mix recipe, and after making it, feel that I have hit the jackpot. It's the perfect treat to have on hand for those nights you want to curl up and watch movies with a tasty snack.
What you will need:
3 cups of cereal
1/2 cup protein powder
1/4 cup peanut butter
2tbsp chocolate chips
1tbsp cocoa powder
1tbsp coconut oil
What to do:
Melt the Peanut butter, chocolate chips, coconut oil together.
Add the cocoa powder.
Stir in the cereal.
Mix until combined.
Add protein powder.
Mix until covered.
In half a cup of the mixture, you get:
C 21.9g/ F7.85g/ P4.4g
3) G-Butter brownies!
I think obsessed would be an understatement when it comes to this GButter. Last week I'm pretty sure I curled up on the couch every night and tucked into a delicious brownie made with this spread...yes...EVERY night! :p When I first tried the brownie batter, spread onto a protein muffin, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Then I read the label that explained you can pop it in the microwave for 30secs and it becomes a brownie. So I tried it like this and haven't looked back. Oh my goodness, heaven is all I can say. It's my favourite way to eat this spread. Put two tbsps. in a microwave safe dish, place it in the microwave for 30 secs, then add a little dollop of light cool whip and you have dessert heaven with only C5g/ F6.7g/ P10g :) (brownie macros only)
4) Protein chocolate coconut ice cream.
When I finally purchased the 1UP Nutrition Coconut ice cream flavor protein powder I knew I had to try making Coconut protein ice cream. I had seen it on Instagram so many times and was dying to try it out. I follow an awesome girl by the name of Katie Corio and she shared a recipe that sounded delicious and is always whipping up batches on her Instagram stories!
What you will need:
1 scoop of 1UP coconut whey protein. (Or any protein you would like)
1tsp Xanthan Gum
1 tsp Vanilla
1 cup of almond milk (I used chocolate cashew milk, for coconut and chocolate ice cream)
What to do:
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend away.
Can be eaten straight away, or placed in the freezer.
I will say that my favourite 1UP nutrition protein powder is the French Toast Cinnamon one. Though the ice cream turned out pretty nice I think it would be even better with the French toast one. The coconut ice cream has a bit of a funny taste to me. But I do love this recipe for ice cream and would definitely recommend experimenting with flavours. Half of the recipe gives you: C14g/ F13.5g/ P13g
I hope you enjoyed all these Protein treats. As I mentioned above, now that my cut is over I am definitely indulging in a treat or two. The past few months my desserts/treats have all been very much the healthier/protein options like I've shared with you today, so I am definitely enjoying tucking into the Italian cakes my Nanna had waiting for me and the scrumptious British biscuits I haven't had in ages, but just in moderation! :)
Happy Friday!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Hey girl! I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger! Y'all blog is super relatable & I just really have enjoyed that over the past few weeks! So, I'm nominating you! ive been loving your blog post & you seriously deserve some recognition! You can check out my post here http://www.lovemegananne.com/mysterybloggeraward-blogmasday16/ Congrats guys!

    1. Aww thank you so so much, that honestly means the world to us! We really appreciate it and are so happy you enjoy our blog! Thank you, we will definitely check yours out! :) xxx

  2. I love this Lucy! Christmas is then time where my nutrition goes out the window a little, but if I have healthy snacks like these it will be so much easier to stay on track! I can't resist myself when it comes to the cheese board we have every year. You did so well with your cut, I'm really proud of you! It takes a lot to do that kind of challenge. I'm so excited to see your photo shoot :D
    Steph x.

    1. Aww Steph, you are just the best! Thank you for your sweet words! I have definitely been indulging a little more now home. It's a lot harder to stay on track without all these things that i'm used to back in my own house. I really need to make some of the protein chex mix here! :p Ooh I love the cheese board too! :) Thank you, I should get them back in a few days. It went well but still lots to improve up on! :) xxx