On the 5th blog of Christmas: Stocking Stuffers.

We love our Christmas traditions and we adore creating new ones. We never really did stockings when we were younger, but since getting married it has become a tradition that we share with our husbands and in-laws. Stockings are now something we get so excited for each year, so today we thought we would present you with some idea's for the perfect stocking stuffers. :)

1) Gift cards
We find gift cards so much fun. We feel they sometimes get a bad rep for not being thoughtful enough, like it's a last resort or the easy thing to do, but we think they are awesome. How exciting is it to get a gift card to your favourite store, knowing that you have a little money set aside that you can now go and spend all in said favourite store? Or when you know Starbucks can get a tad expensive so you don't always go, but then you receive a gift card and feel like you can treat yourself. We love to think of something that the recipient loves, be it a food place or store, then put a little gift card in their stocking as an extra treat. It's like an after Christmas extra treat! :)
2) Favourite chocolate.
It wouldn't really be a stocking without some sort of traditional chocolate or sweet. In our house the traditional chocolates have always been chocolate money and Baci. When we started doing stockings with our husbands, it became Terry's chocolate oranges, because it's really not a British Christmas without a Terry's chocolate orange and we felt we needed to teach them that. Think of the person's favourite treat or have fun creating your own chocolate tradition, something that always has to go in the stocking each year without fail.

3) Notes
Nothing beats a cute, romantic, sweet or funny note. It could be a note of gratitude, expressing to the person how much they mean to you or telling them something you have appreciated throughout the year. It could even be a written gesture, maybe you are going to treat them to a movie night or a dinner date, something fun that they can look forward to. It doesn't always have to be material things inside the stocking, you can whisk them off on an adventure, even if it's simply a drink at the local pub! :)

4) Toys
Not just for the youngens, toys can add to the magic of feeling like a kid again. Is there something you can think of that the recipient really loves or used to love as a child? Board games travel style, funko pops, figures, cuddly toys? Something nostalgic? You know in our house it's all about the wrestling figures!

5) Something to snack on.
Snacks can be awesome for nibbling on right away, as you know we've all probably skipped breakfast, turned the tree lights on and put Harry Potter on TV waiting for everyone else to get up, therefore you can think outside the box and throw in any sort of deliciousness. Nuts, fruits, protein bars, breakfast biscuits, cookies, you name it, you can't beat going through your stocking with a yummy treat to munch on as you do. It really feels like Christmas when you can throw caution to the wind and switch up your usual breakfast routine.
6) DVD's
My husband and I (Lucy) always seem to be on the same page. The first year we did stockings we managed to fill them with similar things but just different themes, if that makes sense? DVD's was one of those things. I got him a movie that I thought he would like to see and add to his collection and he did the same for me. This could be an awesome stocking stuffer to prepare the recipient for a Christmas day movie night or a future girlie night with your sister or best friend. Is there a movie they didn't get to see at the cinema or an old movie they love but is missing from their collection?

7) Essentials.
Now we get down to the nitty gritty of the stocking stuffers, the small things that you may think no body would want but always come in handy. We're talking razors, shower gels, mints, soaps, hand sanitizers, these are all the cute things that you may originally think boring but will soon realize are prefect stocking stuffers. My Mom in law is genius when it comes to this, I actually just opened up one of our Christmas boxes to find a selection of last years goodies, I hadn't realized they were in there due to moving and having a ton of boxes everywhere. It just so happened I was due to buy new razors and shower gel and low and behold there was a bunch in the box from last years stocking!! Yay Mom!!! :)
We hope you enjoyed our Stocking Stuffer ideas list. We absolutely can not wait for our husbands to open there's this year, we have been way ahead of the game and are already prepared. In actual fact, you will be reading this after we have opened everything, (Pre Christmas day was the 4th, as we left before them to head to the UK on the 10th) so be sure to visit our social media's to see what we put in there's and to see what goodies we received! :)
Happy Holidays!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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  1. These are sch great ideas! The stocking stuffers are usually my favorite part of the presents. I love the idea of leaving a cute note in there :D
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog