On the 4th blog of Christmas: The Magic of Christmas!

There is something about this time of year that wraps us in a warm hug and makes us feel like anything is possible. We get excited about the fairy lights, the decorations, the candy canes, the music, the movies, the food and the drink, but when we sat and thought about it for a few minutes the other day, the biggest thing we get excited about is the MAGIC...yes the magic. You see when we were younger believing in Santa Claus was probably the first thing we were taught to believe in that wasn't something our Mum and Dad could prove, all we could do was choose to believe in what they were telling us. And we did.

We can still remember how excited we were every Christmas eve, kissing our Mum and Dad goodnight then curling up under our duvets and making sure we got to sleep straight away so that Santa could come. We also remember the nights that Santa himself would actually come down our road on a sleigh handing out chocolate. Mum and Dad would come and wake us up and we would walk down our path with excitement fizzing away inside of us. We couldn't believe that we had got to see Santa, stay up past our bedtime and be allowed outside in the dark. These memories are some of our most favourite from our childhood, that to this day still bring back those fuzzy, happy feelings inside.
The best part about these stories is that even when we got older and we learnt the truth about Santa, it never stopped us believing. It never stopped us getting those same warm, cozy feelings upon diving into bed on Christmas Eve and feeling like that night Magic was in the air. We know some people might not agree with the whole Father Christmas thing, but to us it's something that allows kids to be kids, to believe in something bigger than them, just like reading them story books or letting them watch movies. Believing in Father Christmas instilled in us a sense of wonder and magic of the season that has never left us. There's a beauty in the idea of believing in things you can not see. As you get older you realize the importance of that message, believing in yourself, believing you can achieve whatever your mind wants even when you are not guaranteed it or it might take years to come to fruition.
Nowadays, when thinking of Christmas, the excitement comes from the magic of it all, like we mentioned above, the decorations, the food, the drinks, the lights, the songs but these memories of Christmas's past and how much joy they bring are the most precious things of all. Each year when Christmas comes around again, they are the things that make us smile and giddy with nostalgia; all those moments that have made Christmas what it means to us today. We can't wait for the days that we get to talk to our kids about Santa, leave out cookies and milk and write lists. The thought of it is so exciting. It's not all about the presents, but giving them something to believe in, to instill in them that this is a magical time of year and that anything is possible. We believe that is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

What is your favourite thing about this time of year? What screams Christmas to you?

Love Lucy and Kelly

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