On the 1st blog of Christmas: Our December Bucket List!

As you may have noticed from Wednesday's Fall Bucket List review, we definitely need to step up our game this December. Luckily for us we absolutely adore the Christmas Season and therefore feel we have a slightly better chance at completing all tasks on our list.
It's nothing against Fall, but Winter just makes us want to do all the things and get off our butts and enjoy every minute of the fairy lights, sparkly decorations, gingerbread flavoured everything and every single bite of Pandoro that crosses our path. December/Winter/Christmas truly fills our hearts with joy and we positively love that it can be a time where everyone try's a little harder, families come together a bit more and where the air just seems bubbling with magic. So without further ado, here is our December Bucket List:

1) Paint our nails in Christmas colours with our sister Jen.

2) Enjoy an evening under the twinkling lights of the Manchester Christmas markets.

3) Have a Gilmore Girls/Christmas movie night with Mum and Jen, complete with Christmassy PJ's!

4) Bake some traditional Italian Christmas cookies.

5) Watch The Holiday and The Santa Clause. (and all Christmas movies, these are just our favourites)

6) Play games on Christmas day with our family.

7) Decorate a Gingerbread house.

8) Enjoy a girly day while sipping on a gingerbread latte from Starbucks.

9) Have a Christmassy filled day with our husbands, finishing with opening our stockings. (It's a tradition now to have our own little Christmas days with them before the big day spent with family.)

10) Watch Zecchino D'Oro with Grandad. As is our tradition at this time of year.

Hopefully we get lots done from this list, as we seriously are so excited about it all! What's on your December Bucket List?

Happy December! Yay!
Love Lucy and Kelly

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