On The 11th Blog of Christmas: Boxing Day in Pictures.

With the holidays being a time to switch off and relax a little, today we wanted to make the most of family time and step away from the computer and social media a bit. Boxing day for us is always a time to put our cozy socks on, keep our pajama's on that extra bit longer and see how much Italian cake we can get away with eating for breakfast. Of course being bloggers, we naturally find it a tad tricky to completely switch off and our brains have been quite excited about different blog ideas as of late. So today we thought we would share with you our Boxing Day in pictures. :) But first, for those of you who have no idea where boxing day came from...

Boxing Day
mid 19th century: from the custom of giving tradespeople a Christmas box on this day.

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas Day and that your Boxing Day was filled with love, happiness and plenty of leftovers.

Pandoro French toast for breakfast! We always have plenty of Pandoro cakes left after Christmas so we thought making french toast with it would be a perfect way to start the day.

Cozy socks and PJ's and The Great Christmas Bake Off! We're never home for The British Bake Off, we only ever read about it on Twitter, so it was lovely sitting with our sister and watching the bakers make Christmas themed biscuits and cakes. They were amazing.

Reading Chris' new recipe book... Great British Cooking! :p We thought it would be fun to get Chris a recipe book where he can learn all about our traditional British grub.

A cup of tea and some more reading time! After the hustle and bustle of the build up to Christmas, it was so nice not having plans for the day and getting time to catch up on some reading.

Movie time! I (Kelly) wanted a feel good movie to curl up with this afternoon and couldn't think of anything more perfect than Walking on Sunshine. It's one of our favourite go to movies that we only get to watch when home. We love singing along to it. Also, it's set in Italy, which makes it extra good, oh and if you need more convincing google Giulio Berutti. ;)

Dinner time! When our husbands come to England they always have to have a Nando's before they go back to the states. We don't have them in America where we live, but we have heard of a few popping up in certain states, so maybe one day. My family got Chris a gift card for Christmas, so breaking away from my tradition of being glued to the couch on Boxing Day, we headed out for dinner at Nando's, a few games of bowling, followed by a little walk and a visit to Nanna and Grandads house. :)

Another one of our Boxing day traditions is writing our thank you cards! :) What did you guys get up to  today? Do you have any Boxing Day traditions?

Happy Boxing Day.
Love Lucy and Kelly


  1. Love this! Boxing day is definitely about getting cozy and enjoying family time. Great photos girls! :)
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you Steph. That's what we love most about Boxing day, there's no rushing, just time to spend with family, eat more food and reflect on Christmas! :) Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! xxx