Book review: 'Love Connection.' by Camilla Isley.

Release date: 23 September 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
Twitter: @camillaisley

I have to say that I apologize that it has been a hot minute since I did a book review. I feel like I haven't sat down to read in the longest time. I felt like life got rather busy over the past few months and I couldn't focus on curling up and reading, I had to be up doing stuff. Yet, I had this gorgeous book from Camilla Isley waiting for me to dive into it's pages and finally I couldn't take it much longer and began reading it while doing my Cardio this past week. Boy did it make cardio less painful and fly by so much quicker, thank you Camilla! :)

I actually don't even know where to start with this book. In all honesty I just want to scream and gush and shout, just READ IT, you must READ IT!! In Love Connection, we meet Gemma, a cool, funny, love struck, quirky woman, at a pivotal moment in her life. She has a matter of around twenty minutes to make a life changing decision. Will she choose A) Jump on a plane to San Francisco and crash her one and only true loves wedding? or B) Jump on a plane to Chicago and be Maid of Honor at her best friends wedding?
Camilla did an absolute brilliant job at telling the two stories based on each of those decisions. I was hooked from the get go. It was a rollercoaster of emotions being taken on each journey and seeing how one decision can impact your life and take you in a completely different direction. I think we have all possibly had at least one moment in our lives when we wondered 'What if?' so to step in to Gemma's world and get an insight into what each of her decisions would mean for her, was simply fascinating. I was definitely routing for one more than the other though, but to know why you will have to read the book! :p I can't spoil it too much.
As I mentioned a little above, our leading lady, Gemma, was cool, funny and had somewhat of a quirky vibe to her. She wasn't your typical 'clumsy but cute' or 'frazzly but still girl boss' kind of girl, she just had this gorgeous charm about her. Yes, she had her clumsy moments or moments where she panicked, yes she was completely love struck and enamored with one man, & yes she had her overthinking, girlie moments, but to me there was a calmness to her. She had such a sweet nature, she never complained too much or got too dramatic, there was always a sense of humor to how she approached situations and a sense of strength, in that when she makes a decision she wants to do good by it, even if that meant dealing with unwanted consequences. I just really loved her. I loved her attitude, her independence, even when being devoted to this one man, and the fact that she had such a passionate heart.
In addition, I loved the relationship Gemma had with her best friend Amelia. I love reading about strong friendships between women and adored how they always supported each other and were there for each other no matter what. Amelia was also such a kick ass character with a bubbly, caring personality that gave the story so much warmth and another boost of humor. It was cool to see how each of the scenario's played out for Amelia too and how their lives intertwined both ways.
As for the men in this story, one man had my heart from the beginning too and I was on Gemma's side with this from the start. Jake was most definitely swoon worthy and again, such a good natured character that added a lovely coziness to the story, with a hint of cheekiness and a whole heap of sexy. Richard and 'The kisser' have to get a mention too because they were charming, gorgeous and fun to read. Camilla really did a wonderful job with her male characters and that is one of the biggest reasons for the gushing. In the one scenario when Gemma and Jake get together, I was expecting something bad to happen, for there to be drama and for things to go wrong. I think we are so used to reading or watching stories unfold like this. But it never came and I honestly can't tell you how happy it made me. I was on the edge of my seat wanting this relationship to work and I was beyond elated when it did. It was beautiful to read. After all, life is full of true, real love stories, fairytales and soul mates do exist and it was absolutely wonderful to read a story that portrayed this. :)
Thank you so much Camilla for sending me this gorgeous read. I highly recommend it to all you romance lovers out there. Ooh and especially at this time of year, definitely a sprinkle of magic and happiness to curl up by the tree with! :)

Pick up your copy of 'Love Connection' today!

Happy reading.
Love Lucy xx

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  1. I am a romance reader and this book sounds like it is different than the usual plot. Thanks for sharing your review!