Book Review: The Governess's Secret Baby by Janice Preston!

Release Date: 1st December 2016.
Publisher: Mills and Boon.
Twitter: @JaniceGPreston @MillsandBoon

As a book blogger I shouldn't really admit that I have moments where I feel I can't possibly explain just how much I loved a book, after all, it's the whole point of blogging about the book in the first place. I'm supposed to tell you all about it, in the hopes that you will be moved enough to pick up a copy for yourself.
However, the one thing that I adore about being a bookworm, is that with every book I read, I go through so many different emotions and when a book comes along that I fall in love with, it is such a wonderful feeling...but that's the thing, it's a feeling! If I could bottle it and send you all that feeling, I would, but alas that isn't possible. My only hope is that you really do take from my reviews just how much I want you to enjoy these books I love so much and if that means you have to sit through me using the words, wonderful and amazing fifty times, I hope you can forgive me. It really is all about that book feeling. 
The reason I started with that little rant is because this gorgeous book by Janice Preston gave me all the little cozy, wonderful bookworm feelings you could possible want a book to give you. I adored it. Grace Bertram has just finished Governess school and is now on the journey she promised herself two years ago she would take, after she had to give up her baby Clara at the age of seventeen. She is taking the trip to Shiverstone Hall to apply for the position of Clara's governess. She has no idea if her plan will work but no matter what's in store she knows it's a risk she is willing to take in order to make sure her daughter has the happy and loving childhood that she didn't. What Grace wasn't expecting was to find Nathaniel Ravenwell on the other side of the door. Clara's guardian is closed off from the world, after an accident nine years ago left him scarred and afraid of facing people and especially of opening his heart again. Can Grace be a part of her daughters life, even if it means dealing with Nathaniel and his abrupt nature? What about if Nathaniel finds out the truth of who Grace really is? Furthermore, can Grace show Nathaniel that beauty is skin deep and everyone deserves to be loved?
Oh how I loved this story. It has been a while since I read a book from Janice Preston, which I hate because I love her writing so much. I love that she writes historical fiction and that I am transported back to times in history that I find so compelling and interesting. Her descriptions and characters are wonderful and I found myself falling in love with everyone of them in 'The Governess's Secret Baby,' I almost became quite protective over them too. For a nineteen year old Grace was such a beautiful soul, the way she wanted to be there no matter what for her daughter and the risks she was willing to take was utterly heartwarming. When she met Clara for the first time after she gave her up, I literally felt myself welling up, told you it was all about feeling! All the times she spent with her daughter made me happy and I just wanted her to be able to stay there forever and finally get what she had longed for; a family. As for Nathaniel, he was quite the character, I felt like he gave the story that realness of how life can be complicated and things don't always work out the way you hoped, however, on the other hand he also shows us that you have to open your eyes and learn to embrace what is in front of you. Yes, he had experienced tragedy but I hated that he shut himself off for fear of people being scared of how he looked, especially when he was a lovely man, who ultimately just wanted to be loved. It frustrated me when he didn't accept that off Grace at first and how he pushed her away, so when things finally came together, I couldn't have been happier. 
The story, the emotion and the romance in this book was perfect to me. I felt wrapped in this little cocoon that was Shiverstone Hall and I actually didn't wish to leave. Sitting round a roaring fire in the drawing room with a glass of mulled wine while the yule log burns, sounds like a wonderful thing to do this time of year. Don't you think?
Pick up a copy of 'The Governess's Secret Baby' today and be warned, you may have to lock yourself away for a few hours so no one disturbs you, as I guarantee you won't want to put it down! 

Happy Reading!
Love Kelly


  1. Thank you, Kelly! I'm so pleased you enjoyed Nathaniel and Grace's story x

  2. I do plan to lock myself away for a couple of hours over the holidays and read my friend Janice Preston's book! It sounds so good and it's going to be my present to myself!