Book Review: Completely Yours by Erin Nicholas!

Release Date: 20th December 2016.
Publisher: Forever.
Twitter: @ErinNicholas @ForeverRomance.

This is the first book by Erin Nicholas that I have read and I have to say it was such a fun read. It was a little more steamy than I had expected but I loved the characters and the setting of the story. Having comic con as the place where the characters meet and having our heroine be a complete geek, was a really cool concept, that was right up my alley! 

Kiera Connelly is a geek, something her past boyfriends have tried to change about her. But after her fair share of betrayal and heartbreak, Kiera is finally happy with who she is and proud to display her geekiness for all to see, especially at Comic Con, where she gets to interact with her fellow geeks and also see how the game she brought to life is doing in the real world. Zach Ashley is an E.M.T, who has a thing about saving people. He has no time for video games and definitely doesn't speak geek. The only thing he has time for is basketball and trying to figure out how to help his sister, after a family tragedy. When a huge accident happens at Comic Con and his squad is called in to help, the last thing on Zach's mind is falling for one of the victims of the accident, especially when she's in cosplay. But there's something about Keira that makes Zach keep her close by and it's more than the gold body paint. Kiera doesn't need saving and she doesn't fall for the 'hot guys' because they're always jerks. However, when Zach Ashley tells her to follow him, she does exactly what he says.
First off I'm just going to put it out there now that Zach is....well...Phwoar!!!!!!! I mean, he's an E.M.T, which is amazing and he's good looking, ripped, basically he's just HOT! But he's also really sweet and has such a big heart. At first I thought the whole trying to fix everything and save people that didn't need saving would get a bit frustrating and tedious, but with Zach it really didn't. Erin Nicholas gives us this guy who really is the definition of a good guy, he has his faults sure, but everything he does is from a good place. How he came to be who he was were the bits that got me. His past actually choked me up to the point where I was explaining a fictional characters back story to my husband, yes you read that right. It was so emotional that it got me thinking about people in the real world like Zach, which prompted the conversation with my husband and which also made me love Zach more; he felt real.
There were a lot of topics in this book that made me think about the real world, especially the ones about tragedies that had occurred, either in Zach's life or while he was out on the job. Zach's reactions to them were what made me feel more connected to him. He said the same things that I feel when I hear bad news, I am one of those people who find it hard not to get emotional thinking about the families of victims even if I don't know them. 
'Completely Yours,' isn't all sad though, that's just me ranting about the parts I connected with. It's funny, romantic and very sexy, with a 'Gorgeous and Kick ass' leading lady. Keira was a mixture of everything that I want to be. She was quiet, liked to keep herself to herself, was passionate about her work, spoke her mind, learnt her lessons and then stood up for herself and she could be sexy when she wanted to be. I loved that she was sweet and kind but then knew how to be playful and flirty with Zach. Their interactions made me smile. I also loved how open they were with each other from the start. There was no playing games and going round the houses with how they both felt about each other or relationships. This was such a breath of fresh air to read. Sometimes too much of the hopes and fairy-tales can get annoying. Both Zach and Kiera had already learnt their lessons, so they were both over the messing around with each others emotions and they were both straight from the beginning with who they were. I liked that. 
If you're a fan of Comic Con, video games, basketball and cosplay mixed with emotional story telling and fun romance, or even if you're not, I highly, highly recommend 'Completely Yours!" 

Happy Reading!
Love Kelly

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