Things I miss about 'The Ville!'

We often talk about missing our home sweet home of Stockport UK. However, while cooped up inside at work the other day I found myself daydreaming about the cool Fall breeze, the crisp air, the soon to be Christmas decorations going up in the malls and I had this wonderful sense of warmth and coziness. That was until I realized that when I stepped outside of work I would not be stepping into a cool fall air and the Christmas decorations I was thinking about were in fact those that grace the St Matthews and Oxmoor Malls in Louisville KY.  That's right, I found myself missing my second home sweet home, Louisville.

It's been about a year now since we left Louisville and I have to say that besides missing my friends a whole bunch, I never give it too much thought. But recently I have found myself lost in thought, thinking about the roads, my daily routes, the shops and my life in general in the Ville. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of those things that I love and miss from the place I spent six years of my life, where I did a whole lot of growing up, lived life to it's fullest and made a childhood dream come true. :)
1) Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Before we moved to Florida I had been attending OVW regularly again, after taking a year and a half break. I loved rolling around in the ring again and hanging out with the boys, it was fun to get to enjoy the place without so much pressure of having a match to prepare for. I very much miss the comradery in the dressing room and the good old days of hanging out with my friends. The friends I made there hold a special place in my heart and I love them dearly. I don't think there's a single memory that doesn't make me smile, get goose bumps, laugh or shake my head at the craziness, the experiences and the unbelievably awesome times we had.

2) Laughter and Lullabies Daycare.
At times it could be crazy and looking after five babies certainly was exhausting, but they were my babies and I miss them bunches. The cuddles, the milestones, the laughter, I feel I left a little piece of me behind. Not to mention the awesome friends I made there, Katherine, Kelsey, Kylie, Katie, Crystal and Holly, I think about you all the time and love you all tons. Working there felt like a family and it made being in Louisville that much more homely.
3) Bardstown Road.
Bardstown Road is lined with unique shops and restaurants. Chris and I used to love taking a stroll and popping into the old book stores and video game shops. In addition, to stumbling upon amazing restaurants and bars. Some of our favourites include El Camino's and Cumberland Brews. Mmm I'm drooling just thinking about their deep fried bacon and bison burgers. So, so good.

4) St Matthews.
This is where my Christmas excitement runs away with me. Kelly and I spent many a Christmas shopping days running around the St Matthews area buying Christmas presents and drinking holiday drinks from Starbucks. Their decorations are always so beautiful and Oxmoor mall is always lit up with white lights at night. It's so pretty. Thinking about it now just makes me feel all warm inside. Those shopping days at this time of year, were always so much fun for Kelly and I. We had come a long way in confidence, driving around on our own and getting out and about. We grew up so much and certainly stepped out of our comfort zones. Thinking back to those days makes me feel strong, independent and like I can do anything.

5) The seasons.
I do love the Florida sunshine and can absolutely not complain about the days being bright and sunny. However, I feel my mind and body are ready for jumpers and leggings and cozy clothes. With the heat and humidity here at the moment I can't quite reach for them just yet. We haven't quite got red or orange crunchy leaves falling off the trees, so it's definitely looking to be an experience over the coming months. Will it truly feel like Christmas is upon us? Back in England fall can often get pretty damp and soggy, I remember our first ever fall in Louisville, it was just beyond beautiful and picturesque, crunchy leaves, gorgeous reds, browns and yellow leaves as far as the eye could see.

Louisville truly gave us six incredible years and for that I feel so blessed. I think I might go put the kettle on and look through my scrapbooks now. :)

Are their places that you miss or that make you think of certain times of year?

Have a wonderful day.
Love Lucy. xx

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